Pearl Garlic

Pearl Garlic
Pearl Garlic
I found this variety of garlic a couple of weeks back. It’s called Pearl Garlic.Keep in mind that the term ‘Garlic Pearls’ refers to a pharmacological product.

Interestingly, there doesn’t seem to be much information available on this on the Internet – if you find a source, do let me know.

I found it with a roadside peddler who had a bunch of other ayurvedic herbs and stuff alongside it, so I assume he was selling it for it’s medicinal properties.

Haven’t tried cooking it yet, but will probably do that one of these weeks when I cook next – yup, the ‘busy’ wave is still very much on.

It comes in three layers. The first layer is a hard shell as in the picture, which you need to partly peel and partly chip off. Inside that is another layer, which you can mostly peel off and within that is this creamy, round/oval pearl of garlic, which doesn’t emit any flavor unless you bruise it. It has this very subtle flavor, so subtle that you can actually eat it as is.

Here’s the only site I found which has some information on Pearl Garlic.

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