Pangaea comes to Delhi

If you like your music, and care about little else, Pangaea awaits.

We attended the launch of Pangaea a few weeks back and came back wondering what the fuss was all about. To begin with, it appears the two bouncy gents stationed at the entrance had instructions to stop everyone. When we arrived, they dutifully stopped us and grunted ‘Media only’. I was unable to figure out what made us stand out from the others. In an unprecedented move, the chap with the list was behind the chap with the muscles. In any case, we got in. I assume that was an attempt at making Pangaea seem exclusive – deny everyone entry, period.

Entering, I saw three rows of tables, from left to right, plenty of artwork, both, the brush as well as the chisel and hammer type, with bars on the extreme left and right. A pretty, foreign lady came by and lisped something to the effect that she’d like to get us something to drink. I stuck with water and looked around. Simon thought there was plenty of Peter Paul Rubens’ work on the walls though he didn’t quite get the idea of placing a spotlight under the rearing horse at the entrance; a spotlight aimed at the horse’s partially tumescent male member.

The menu on display was woefully pedestrian and overpriced – maybe that where the exclusivity came in. Thankfully the ordeal of ordering wasn’t thrust upon us as snacks were being served and there was no menu service. Only prawns were doing the rounds though. Prawns that I couldn’t eat, nor believe they were the Prawn Tempura the wait staff claimed them to be. There was rumor of vegetable spring rolls, but I couldn’t see them anywhere. Perhaps it was the fog from the 80’s that prevented my seeing them. I did however see the decor that I thought was quite like Mrs. Jaswinder Dracula’s work. A few speeches were made, things said and claims made. Left quite hungry, I ate at Yashwant Place later that night.

Entry fees are rumored to be in the INR 1500 range though I could be wrong about that number. Hypothetically speaking, if it is indeed so, I wonder how Pangaea expects to remain exclusive with that figure.

The only thing I’d suggest you visit Pangaea for, is the music. The music that night forgave all else. Not so loud that one had to scream or leave the room to hear one’s own thoughts – the perfect volume. Sound levels at every point in the room were perfect and even with unobtrusive sound levels, the bass was transmitted to every article in the room, speaking to every person in vibrations wherever one stood or sat. Sandeep in fact saw a manager doing what he thought was checking sound levels, positioning himself at different areas of the room. The playlists were perfect for me, which means Charis, a friend, would probably have been searching for razor blades. I repeat, the music rocked!

If you like your music, and care about little else, Pangaea awaits.

By Sid Khullar

Sid Khullar is a wellness coach who works with different aspects of lifestyle change towards the accomplishment of goals such as weight loss and blood sugar management among other health situations that require the presence of specialised, precise diets and lifestyle change. His methods address aspects of food, nutrition and the mind.