New Menu at Dimsum Bros, Gurgaon

A partial overview of Dimsum Bros new menu additions.

Dimsum Bros, possibly the first dim sum restaurant in Delhi, came up with a bunch of new additions to it’s menu a little while back. The founders invited a bunch of folks over to check out the latest wares of their brainchild. Dimsum Bros looks just the way it did when it opened, quiet, elegant and mood-lit with overtones of glass and wood.

Out of a total of twenty six varieties of dim sum, I tasted perhaps four, beginning with the Crispy Duck Pancake, which is now a predictable flavor though everyone isn’t able to get it right, lacking either the know-how or the equipment. The pleasure of Crispy Duck, which if you’ve noticed has been quite smartly changed from the usual ‘Peking Duck’, is the range of flavors and textures one experiences in a well constructed roll. Crisp slices of duck are usually served with raw, julienned vegetables (typically cucumber and spring onions), a little pot of plum sauce and small dumpling-skin-sized, thin pancakes. All the ingredients are usually rolled together in the pancake and eaten as a single or several bites.

The next were the Spicy Thai Asparagus dumpling (crunchy and quite nice), Chicken Marinated with Chinese Wine (subtle) and the BBQ Pork Pastry (exceedingly delicious and equally rich. I suggest indulging in this one at the beginning of your meal). Dessert was a slice of the legendary Red Velvet Cake, which I thought quite a lovely end to a lovely meal.

Ed: Photo not from Dimsum Bros.

By Sid Khullar

Sid Khullar is a wellness coach who works with different aspects of lifestyle change towards the accomplishment of goals such as weight loss and blood sugar management among other health situations that require the presence of specialised, precise diets and lifestyle change. His methods address aspects of food, nutrition and the mind.