Krispy Kreme in Koming!

Krispy Kreme will be launching in Delhi soon, and Parul can hardly wait!

Let me start with all the ways I love Krispy Kreme doughnuts! I love them on crisp winter mornings, I love them on rainy days, I especially love them when I reach a weight goal and deserve a treat! So far my experience remains travel boundñ it’s only when I visit family that I get to indulge but I always carry a box or two back with me. Here’s the thing that differentiates Krispy Kreme doughnuts ? when they promise a melt in your mouth experience they mean it! The classic doughnut is so soft and so easy on the palate you can end up having half a dozen at a time! The other thing I love about this particular brand is that the doughnuts go very well with coffee, tea and hot chocolate, which is a great plus, since I don’t always want coffee with a doughnut. Despite the variety, my all time favourite has always been the Original Glazed ® doughnut; it’s a complete delight ? soft, lightly glazed and feather light. Although they keep launching seasonal doughnuts through the year, their biggest seller has always been the original, and rightly so. Considering they make more than 3 million doughnuts per day and make more than 1.3 billion doughnuts per year, I’m not the only one who’s this fond of Krispy Kreme!

Krispy Kreme was established on July 13, 1937 when Vernon Rudolf bought a secret yeast raised doughnut recipe from a French Chef in New Orleans. The brand still follows the same secret recipe to date, but here’s the clincher, they’ve tweaked the recipe to make all their doughnuts completely egg-less. That’s quite a feat in my opinion because the ones I tasted, tasted like the ‘real’ thing! Krispy Kreme is all set to launch the unique Doughnut theater, which features the process of fresh doughnuts coming off the doughnut making machine straight onto trays, ready for service. In fact that’s exactly when you should have them, straight off the rack! They also like to keep it simple; they serve doughnuts and beverages, period! I’m not sure how that would be perceived in India, though going by the success of pretzel stands, gelato counters and fro-yo outlets, if a brand has mastered a product, they should stick with what they do best.

My other favourite is the Chocolate Iced Kreme Filled doughnut; I’m hoping it’s on the menu when they launch their flagship store in Delhi by the end of the year. They also serve pop in the mouth yummies called Doughnut Holes. The fact is that Krispy Kreme doughnuts are formed from dough extruded by air pressure to form a perfect doughnut shape. The doughnut “hole” actually doesn’t exist at Krispy Kreme, they make them to make us customers happy! I’m excited about their entry into the North Indian market and hope they bring their classics with them. I loved the box of their Original Doughnuts, but I kind of missed their signature Dark Roast coffee. Thankfully, I will be enjoying it pretty soon!

My box of a dozen Krispy Kreme Original Glazed ® lasted all of a day and a half and they were soft and fresh till the last one. The glaze is perfect because its a sheen and not a layer, it’s almost not there, until you bite into the doughnut and feel the warmth of the sugar. Before I miss them too much, l will welcome Krispy Kreme to my city, with bated breath!

By Parul Pratap Shirazi

Parul is a trained Chef, professional food stylist, cook, food blogger and social media strategist. She loves grapes in her salad.