Just a Thought

Short Story by Vishakha Agarwal

Walking through a desolated street right in the middle of the night with no sight of another being sent a chill through my spine. I could sense a shadow, feel the gaze behind me.

I could sense someone was in a rush to stop me, to warn me against what lay ahead. With a decided stance my feet kept moving ahead not wanting to test the waters. ‘Keep moving!’ is all my mind could hear. Given how most of us have the need to check too, a tussle between the heart and brain and with feet tapping ahead, yet the neck flinching every few minutes to make that turn, I was lost yet, my feet prodded along.

My family and friends had warned me, never wanting me to take up the challenge, had told me to never look back. ‘Who knows? I might make the person behind me uncomfortable too’.  At this point, I could take it no longer and curiosity got the better of me. I had to unravel the mystery and see what was behind me! And there it was!

A little child exuding sparkling brightness in her eyes and innocence written all over, her touch as soft as my pillow.

Mum, can I get into bed next to you?’, my little one asked. I thanked my stars for, the dream had broken, the spell was lost. I cuddled up with my little darling and prayed for her to never have a dream or a nightmare like mine.



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