Indian Advertising

Our advertising is getting quite good. Some ads however, are downright ridiculous and yesterday was one day when I had the privilege of watching three of them, nearly consecutively.

Nescafe (Instant Coffee): Bunch of pretty, well dressed girls. They want coffee. Surprise! They don’t have any money. But they do have… yes, you guessed right – a piggy bank. Piggy is broken open. Not much in there, just a one rupee coin. Are they disappointed? No way dude, because one rupee buys a sachet of Nescafe, which they go, buy, mix into a mug of water and share, smiling and satisfied.

Slice (Mango Drink): Man in white clothes, in white room, besides white table, on white chair, reading white magazine. Enter Katrina Kaif, dressed sexily in white pieces of cloth that fail to cover some of her best assets. Wafts into the room, looking seductively at man in white. She picks up a bottle of Slice and bringing it to her lips (camera zooms in for details of Katrina’s lips) starts glugging down (slow down lady, your figure is all you have) the thick stuff. Satisfied look on Katrinas face and man in white looks (pardon the expression) horny. They walk out together. Words splash across the screen – AAMSUTRA (Aam means mango in hindi). I wonder which brilliant young ad executive thought of that one.

I can’t remember the third one, but Indu promises to tell me when she remembers.

– Sid

Sid Khullar

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