INA Market, New Delhi

INA Market is next to the government residential complexes in Kidwai Nagar and bang opposite Dilli Haat. Around 40 – 45 years old, most shop owners are the original tenants and sons have taken over from their fathers. If there’s just about anything you need, you’ll find it here including food, utensils, gifts, glassware, clothing, shoes and anything else you can think of.

I use it as a treasure trove for food related stuff as there’s very little I don’t find.The place has mutton, halal mutton, pork, all kinds of fish, lobsters, sting rays, all types of prawns, chicken, live fish, crabs, cheeses, middle eastern, Japanese, British, American, Korean and Chinese packaged foodstuffs, North and South  Indian, fast food stalls, dried foods, spices and much much more.

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Sid Khullar

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