How to Stay Positive even when the World turns Against You

The world is filled with people who have come from different backgrounds, value systems and one of the things is that they cannot be taken for granted. Every individual is entitled to his/her whims and fancies and can behave the way he wishes. But, sometimes one is not treated the way one expects to be in some circumstances. This is because we find it difficult to handle unconventional behavior or a person whose presence makes us uncomfortable. However, one must always know how to deal with the ways of the world and how to stay positive even when everyone is up against you. So, to help you out and offer some words of power and inspiration, here are a few ideas on how to deal with your detractors.

Count your blessings


Do you have any idea how many people slept hungry today? Or how many people struggled to just move their body? Or how many people had to confront their biggest fears in life or meet with an accident? These are some of the worst things that can happen to anyone so every single day keep a count  on your blessings and every single problem of yours will appear diminutive in front of the privileges that you actually enjoy.

It won’t matter


This might sound clichéd but that’s the truth. Your big problem will not matter in a couple of years or a few months perhaps, then why fret about it. When you feel negative then your entire body is affected by it. Feeling stressed about a situation is not the solution rather thinking about the issue with a calm and composed mind is what will actually help you come out of the trouble.

Love yourself no matter what

Be a self-lover even if it means being a narcissist. Loving yourself will help you stay confident and positive in every situation. Self-loving saves you from living in guilt even when you commit a mistake and helps you think about a situation objectively. This will also help you judge your actions and decisions better as you will put yourself first in every situation.

Be solution oriented


Wallowing in pain and problems will take you nowhere. If you want to get out of the mess you are in, then the only thing that will help you is your rationale. You always need to know the people you can bank on and the ones you can’t take for granted. Aiming for a solution oriented mind where you know your situation, opponents and allies well must be your agenda.

Always be in the happy club

Being around happy people who are cheerful and know how to tackle the problems in life will inspire you to react better in unfavorable situations. Having friends who complement your personality and are like-minded will also help you have a positive company. Staying positive and happy all the time is not possible but having better reactions to situations and not having emotional outburst and depression is what you should inculcate.

Talk to people

Letting close friends and family know about your problem and discussing personal issues with trusted friends always helps one in feeling better. Not letting others know what’s eating you from within is not a wise option. So next time you are feeling low, don’t hesitate to ring your bestie up.


There will be many situations in life where you have to deal with people who despise you no matter what. And you must know how to avert negativity and such people when need arises. Keep this idea in mind that you have a blessed life and no one but you, are in charge of your happiness. Let your happiness grow by helping others and lifting their moods. If you have any stories, quotes or literature that inspire positivity, don’t forget to share it on our platform.