Fortnight at a Glance (01st Dec- 15th Dec)

The period of transition is now coming to an end. Keep a positive outlook and look forward to embrace the changes that the Universe must offer. Do not be too conclusive about things that you cannot comprehend. Take your time. There is no hurry. As long as you’re willing to put in your best, help will always be available.


Zodiac signs - Aries

A perfect time to delight in your good fortunes, this period brings with it well-being, blessings and all things positive. While almost everything that you touch right now may turn into gold, try and see the larger picture and making the most of this, see how you can get associated with and contribute towards a larger cause.
Health Tip: All goes well for you right now. Worry not.
Lucky Number: 1
Lucky Color: Peach



Zodiac signs - Taurus

You may find yourself at crossroads with your business partners or even loved ones at home. Overwhelmed by a strong feeling of unsettlement, you may find yourself in a constant state of confusion for some days to come. Try not to fight it. Simply stay strong and make sure you don’t allow the situation to get the better of you.

Health Tip: Destress by treating yourself to a Spa session. Be sure to try some Aromatherapy and feel the difference for yourself.
Lucky Number: 5
Lucky Color: Victorian Pewter



Zodiac signs - Gemini

It’s time to put your best foot forward. Hard work is about to pay off and results are bound to show. But, here’s a word of caution- don’t just stop there. You have to constantly put in, so that you may get uninterrupted results. If at any point, you get a feeling of not knowing enough, do not hesitate to go out of your way to learn more.

Health Tip: Make up for all the physical stress with an equal amount of sleep and rest.
Lucky Number: 8
Lucky Color: Corn Yellow



Zodiac signs - Cancer

The present moment is all about striking the right balance, in short, avoid extremes in all forms. You seem to be a little more open towards the possibility of a long-lasting partnership and business association. Just be completely convinced before you step into one for that shall only help you get more consolidated results.

Health Tip: Be extremely careful while you self-administer any kind of medication. There are chances that a wrong dosage or medicine may trigger a totally new problem.
Lucky Number: 2
Lucky Color: Sage Green



Zodiac signs - Leo

This period is marked by a strong presence of Karma for you. You shall get back what you put in the universe, and that shall happen faster than you shall anticipate. The best advice that I can give you is to surround yourself with people and deeds that evoke a sense of contentment within you. It’s a good way to keep negativity away.

Health Tip: Pay special attention to your food habits. Everything that you put in your system is going to matter with regards to your health.
Lucky Number: 4
Lucky Color: Amber



Zodiac signs - Virgo

Your sense of excitement and enthusiasm seems to be at its pinnacle. You may be feeling exceptionally adventurous and may also be willing to take a risk when it comes to getting something that you truly believe in. While there may be nothing wrong in doing that, be mentally prepared to tackle naysayers or simply learn to ignore them.

Health Tip: Keep yourself positively engaged and try not to idle away your time in inconsequential thoughts.
Lucky Number: 1
Lucky Color: Oxford Blue



Zodiac signs - Libra

You’re going to expect everyone around you to acknowledge your deeds and give you the due credit that you deserve. However, remember that people have perspectives and that the result of your expectations may swing either ways. Be prepared. What you can do though, is use your networking prowess to influence results.

Health Tip: In your bid to be a forerunner, ensure that you do not over-exert. Stay away from too much excitement and try to get in touch with your inner peace.
Lucky Number: 9
Lucky Color: Currant Red



Zodiac signs - Scorpio

Time to sit back and contemplate upon life and all your actions. You may have lost some sleep in the recent past, without knowing the reason why. Perhaps an outsider’s perspective will help. Avoid strenuous work and relax as much as you can. Follow this path and you shall be better prepared for your near future.

Health Tip: Back, waist and shoulders should be your areas of concern for the next few days. Some stretches and exercise shall help.
Lucky Number: 4
Lucky Color: Flint Gray



Zodiac signs - Sagittarius

Moderation should be your choice in just about anything. Try to find a middle ground and reasons to everything that’s happening around you. Be wise to choose your battles and wiser while letting them go. There may be situations when you may be confronted by colleagues, but all you need to do is stay calm and carry on.

Health Tip: Don’t take free time too easily. Invest instead, in gathering material that’s required to be prepared for situations that may arise in the future.
Lucky Number: 8
Lucky Color: Spider Black



Zodiac signs - Capricorn

It’s time to take a look at life as a whole. Try giving a closure to memories, relationships and incidents that have been troubling you for the past few days. Forgive people for your own sake. Think of ways that you can progress in, by letting go of all the extra baggage- be it mental or emotional.

Health Tip: Go ahead and experiment with some novel alternate therapies like acupressure, acupuncture, Kerala Ayurveda and the likes.
Lucky Number: 7
Lucky Color: Mulberry



Zodiac signs - Aquarius

This period is sure to make you feel vindicated. You’ve worked hard for a while now and it’s time you emerge stronger and higher than the rest. Your efforts shall earn you applause and some new friends too. However, to keep them or leave them behind shall be a choice that you shall be fortunate enough to be able to make.

Health Tip: You’re flying high and there is little that can stop you even health-wise. What you need to be careful about though, is your own pride. Be sure not to hurt yourself with it.
Lucky Number: 6
Lucky Color: Tortilla Brown



Pisces. Zodiac sign.

You’re closer to your goal than you think. There is something that’s stopping you from getting the bigger picture. Hence, I advise you to exercise extreme caution before taking important decisions or even writing people off. While you may appear overtly dominating to the people around, make sure you make your intentions very clear to them.

Health Tip: Overthinking situations that may well be out of your control may leave you fatigued. Take a break to rejuvenate, if required.
Lucky Number: 3
Lucky Color: Oyster




A professional Tarot / Angel Cards Reader & Reiki Practitioner for the last 7 years, Sonum is an ardent believer in the Karmic circle. Her practices steer clear of rigid predictions, and focus greatly on guiding / assisting folks to enhance their lives by making informed choices and taking sound decisions.

Sonum is based out of Mumbai and can be reached at +91 96654 88877 or

Sonum Sangoram

A professional Tarot / Angel Cards Reader & Reiki Practitioner for the last 7 years, Sonum is an ardent believer in the Karmic circle. Her practices steer clear of rigid predictions, and focus greatly on guiding / assisting folks to enhance their lives by making informed choices and taking sound decisions. Sonum is based out of Mumbai and can be reached at +91 96654 88877 or