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The Incredible Men on CaL

We asked the ladies on CaL to tell us about their men and here’s what they came up with. From a mixie-chugger to a barbecue maniac, we have ’em all!

We asked Chef at Large members to tell us about the men in their kitchens and here what they came up with.

#1 Deleted on request

This entry was deleted on the request of the person featured in it.

#2 Sudip Srivastava

Proposed by Smriti Srivastava and  Sid Khullar

Sudip likes being in the kitchen and tries to help out, but tends to take instructions literally.
Sudip likes being in the kitchen and tries to help out, but tends to take instructions literally.

#3 Lavjit Singh

Proposed by Roopsee Kaur

More than cooking, Lavjit loves his wife. Seen here, making Panjiri for her.
More than cooking, Lavjit loves his wife. Seen here, making Panjiri for her.

#4 Vineet Kalra

Proposed by Manish Bhalla

[learn_more caption=”Read more about Vineet Kalra”] I’ve known Vineet for 11 years and in all that time, I’ve never met a chap more interested in food and flavours. A veteran on the grill, Vineet has a great repertoire of recipes for BBQ dishes and marinades, some of which he’s nice enough to share. He is a brilliant cook in European and Indian cuisines and produces the most awesome dishes with all sorts of ingredients.His enthusiasm for all things culinary have led to an expertise and inventiveness in cooking that is unmatchable. His Punjabi blood shows itself in his bonhomie and joie de vivre, and his love of good food and drink. Apart from food, Vineet is a great guy to hang out with, loves his whiskeys and beers and is a cartload of laughs to boot.[/learn_more]
Vineet loves working on his grill and enjoys himself immensely when feeding friends and family.

#5 Raj Sheth

Proposed by Vishaka Rautela

[learn_more caption=”Read more about Raj Sheth”] I met Raj on CaL about a year ago and he came across as really sweet but I never took him seriously when it came to food. And then I had the opportunity to meet him 7 months ago. I thought it would be a one off meet but the next day when I made a chicken dish and posted it, he promptly messaged that he was coming over to eat. I thought he was joking but he did land up and we have been great friends since. He loves his food, especially chicken and prawns and relishes food with such gusto that you don’t really need to wait for compliments. One day he said he would come over and cook his famous pasta. Famous why? Because it got over a 1000 likes a year ago and still keeps popping up. His cooking is a revelation. He wants everything perfect. The cut of the veggies, the texture of the pasta, the cheese that has to be only Amul. It may sound funny but that’s where his passion emerges, and the way he gets involved with the cooking process is a pleasure to watch. And his salt is perfect even when it’s not measured or tasted – well his words not mine (but it’s true). The only annoying part is that you have eat his food in huge quantities and compliment it at least 4 times. Luckily haven’t had to lie till now. I believe baking is a science and you need precise measurements to get your bake right, especially bread. What amazes me is that I have seen him bake twice where everything is by judgement, even temperature settings and he had got a beautiful product ready for us to gobble A true blue foodie and a passionate chef.[/learn_more]
Raj likes baking cookies and pizzas and feeding his friends all his experiments - failed or successful!
Raj likes baking cookies and pizzas and feeding his friends all his experiments – failed or successful!

#6 A Tale of Three Men

Proposed by Sangeeta Peris

[learn_more caption=”A Tale of Three Men”] My brother and I were brought up the same way, the only two children of my parents. I, the older one grew up to be an engineer and my brother an accountant. I love cooking. My brother once called my home because his wife was out and he needed to make rice. I wasn’t home but my husband told him to make it in the rice cooker. He told him the ratio of water to rice. My brother called half an hour later to say the rice didn’t seem like it was cooking. It turns out that he hadn’t turned on the rice cooker.

In other words, my brother is kitchen challenged. My husband grew up the youngest of 5 kids, the baby of the family; but still the quintessential engineer. He does not have a passion for cooking but when required approaches it meticulously. He has 2 dishes that he has mastered and impresses as many people as he can with them.

My younger son is 11. Unlike his older brother he grew up with his mommy being a full time homemaker. He spent hours with me in the kitchen even as a baby, watching me cook and bake and then of course wanting to be a part of it. When he was 5 years old he wanted to grow up and be a food judge! He loves cooking and baking and does a darn good job of it. If I go away on a trip out of town, I leave him in charge of the kitchen. But one thing binds them all, actually all of us in the family- we love food. I am very fortunate to have my parents and brother live very close to me. So festivals are always family affairs, and none as much as Diwali and Thanksgiving, where we all come together not just to eat but to prepare the food. So, there we are, all in the kitchen rolling out the shakarparas and making the chaklis and karanjis. [/learn_more]

A tale of three men!
A tale of three men!

By Sid Khullar

Sid Khullar is a wellness coach who works with different aspects of lifestyle change towards the accomplishment of goals such as weight loss and blood sugar management among other health situations that require the presence of specialised, precise diets and lifestyle change. His methods address aspects of food, nutrition and the mind.