Expanding your Culinary Skills

Contributed by Ann Martin

For those that really enjoy spending their time in the kitchen and cooking for their loved ones, we are constantly trying to “think outside the box” and redefine our cooking skills. Sometimes we find ourselves in a recipe rut, where the same recipe gets put into our weekly rotation. Making time to explore various cuisines and recipes can be difficult, let alone trying to better our culinary skills. But there are ways to get that extra experience and gain some cooking knowledge in some not so conventional ways.

Cooking Parties
Do you have a few friends that are foodies as well? Why not hire a private chef to teach you and your friends a few new tricks? You can work together with the chef to help prepare a multi course meal or just focus on a main dish. Discuss with the chef what skills you are seeking to learn. Perhaps you want to learn more about seasonings, or marinading. Maybe you want to learn how to slice that piece of Kobe beef perfectly. Not only will you come away with some new skills, but planning an exciting experience for you and your friends to enjoy will make a fond memory.

Cooking Classes
No, I am not talking about real traditional cooking classes, but rather a fun weekend course or even just a few hours of instruction. There are many cooking classes offered and it would be a great experience to sign up either with your spouse or even a close friend. A friend of mine recently signed up and took part in a sushi making class! Both her and husband highly enjoy sushi, so they decided to take the class and learn how to make sushi at home. Not only was it a great bonding experience for them both, but instead of ordering sushi for their date night now, they are able to make it right in their very own kitchen! Check out what classes are available near you.

Cooking Demonstrations
Sometimes cooking demonstrations take place at various hotels and restaurants. Not only are these cooking demonstrations exciting to watch, but you can learn a few skills without being hands on. However at some of these demonstrations, participation is possible. There are even specialty restaurants where you can work with the chef and the rest of your party to create your meal together. Usually at these restaurants reservations are required months in advance and you will be working with a small group of people, usually about 6 or 8. Everyone will have an opportunity to contribute to the meal and all will learn how to prepare an elegant meal from the chef himself.

As you can see, explore the opportunities around you and you can further develop your own culinary skills. It is easier than you might think!

Ann Martin is a contributing writer for Dinnerware Center, which is an online store specializing in dinnerware, tableware and flatware such as the Oneida flatware and WMF flatware sets. Ann is also a writer for other home and garden sites. When Ann is not working, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

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