Entertaining at Home II

Contributed By Ann Martin

In an era where people are searching for inexpensive forms of entertainment, more and more people are choosing to entertain at home. People are going out to eat less and prefer to have a get together or date night with their spouse at home rather than going out to a restaurant to dine. But this idea is even being taken a step further, by this I mean that people want to have more intimate gatherings that feel as though the event is personalized just for them. For example, having a bridal shower at the bride’s mother’s house or having a rehearsal dinner at the future in-laws house. These events can and often do take place within a home, giving the hosts and their guests that feeling of comfort and making the event have that extra special touch. Entertaining at home is truly a perfect solution for those looking to save money, but also want to make their guests feel like family.

There are many steps in planning an event at your home, from making sure the house is in tip top shape to having the table beautifully set with your dinnerware. But you do not have to take on an event all by yourself. Sure there will be some details that you would like to personally be involved in, writing up the place cards or arranging the flowers for the table perhaps. For everything else that you may not want to fully take part in, an event planner can assist you with all the details for the event. From special lighting to having valet parking for your guests, these special touches make the event stand out. But for me, it is always the food I look forward to at any event. Those other extra special touches are nice, but oh how I look forward to what will be on the menu. Being served those fancy appetizers on square dinnerware by the waiters, just makes me feel like I am attending a very special event. Anyway, just because you may be holding an event at your home, doesn’t mean you have to skimp on the quality of food being served. Even your event planner will tell you, there are so many possibilities to make sure plenty and delicious food will be served at your gathering.

First, you could have the event completely catered. Some catering companies are even able to bring additional tables and chairs for your guests. You could have an open bar set up. There could be chefs in your kitchen creating beautiful and appetizing meals. The catering company may even have an option of creating your own menu, instead of choosing from their own provided menu, further adding your own spin on the gathering. With a variety of event options ranging from simple hors d’oeuvres, to full sit-down meals or simply dessert and coffee, hosts and hostesses have a myriad of available options. The possibilities are just endless. But, by having the food aspect of the event taken care of for you, you then have more time to spend and socialize with your friends and family.

Ann Martin is a contributing writer for Dinnerware Center, which is an online store specializing in dinnerware, tableware and flatware such as the stunning Oneida Michelangelo and Oneida Paul Revere sets. Ann is also a writer for other home and garden sites. When Ann is not working, she enjoys spending time experimenting in the kitchen and spending time with her family and friends.

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