An Egg’s Best Friends

Versatile as it is, the humble egg gets along with just about any ingredient. However,
would you pucker your nose if someone told you that it lends its flavor best with avocado, banana, beetroot, cabbage and coconut? Hard as it is to believe, Perzen Patel finds out that these are five egg-citing flavour combinations!

The humble egg is a universal favourite. A great source of protein and easy to cook, eggs go with practically anything and make every dish shine! Amongst the Parsi community, eggs have the same status as a first-born son and families are constantly concocting new ways to incorporate them into any dish possible.

I am one of those oddballs that doesn’t like eggs by themselves but will mop them up when mixed with something else. Recently though I realized – after spending way too many hours scrolling through pictures on Food Gawker and strolling through Farmers
Markets in New Zealand – that tomatoes, white sauces, bacon and cheese seem to be the most popular flavours combinations with eggs and after a while one tastes just like the other.

While classic flavour combinations will stay around forever, there’s no reason why one should not indulge in experimentation. After having one Tomato Per Eedu too many, I set about talking to various people to hunt down their favourite ingredients with egg and what came up was five flavour combinations that I would have never thought worked but surprisingly do!


I’m going to say it before you do – yes this is a cholesterol-laden dish. However, it’s all about celebrating the good fats and eggs and avocado make a great combination. There are equal amounts of Pinterest boards celebrating eggs baked into avocado shells as there are for Avocado Devilled Eggs. Or if you want to ease into the flavours gradually, how about having it as a salad with some onions, baby spinach and lemon?

Top these with some honey and nut butter and you have a treat that is good for you!
Top these with some honey and nut butter and you have a treat that is good for you!

Most breakfast eaters have eggs and banana regularly. So, instead of having the fruit and egg separately, how about combining them? No, I am not talking of Banana Bread but instead of an Egg and Banana Pancake.

Whisking in overripe bananas into eggs adds sweetness and using only two ingredients (or three if you put in some cinnamon!) means making pancakes on a weekday takes as long as pouring milk into cereal. Top these with some honey and nut butter and you have a treat that is good for you!

If pancakes are not your thing, you could even try some Banana French Toast – either way both of these make a great flavour combo.

Combining eggs and beetroot – especially in a beef burger will get you the popular Kiwi Burger, made with beef, sharp cheddar, ketchup and a sunny side up fried egg. If you are in the mood for something fancy, try making an Egg, Beetroot and Bacon Salad. The pink stained eggs on a bed of greens will give a lovely natural colour contrast in your dish.

Of all the combinations, this one is probably the strangest. However, after stirring it up in the kitchen myself, I am a convert. Keep it simple by pan-frying the cabbage in olive oil first. Add in a tablespoon of soy sauce and crack in those eggs. Not only does the soy give it a rich umami flavor, but it is unbelievably healthy and an easy way to trick kids into having their vegetables.

Now I have heard egg and coconut are good for the hair but never thought they would work on a dinner plate! I was proven wrong when I had some Malaysian Kaya on my toast. Made with coconut milk, eggs and sugar, Kaya is like a coconut jam, which can be used as a frosting in cakes, as a sauce for pancakes or even as a filling inside macaroons, if you are feeling ambitious.

Of course, if you fancy putting egg and coconut together in a savoury dish, make a delicious Egg Curry or a Kerala style Egg
and Coconut Biryani.