Dinner @ Thai Pavilion, Taj Vivanta, Gurgaon

There were hits and misses disproportionate to Thai Pavilion’s status. I suggest a pilot visit.


We of the Delhi chapter of the Blogger’s Table found ourselves invited over to Thai Pavilion at the new Taj Vivanta in Gurgaon. Parul remembered the restaurant from parent sponsored treat in Bombay, the rest knowing of the restaurant and I, blissfully unaware of it’s sequinned existence. Apparently, it’s quite the Thai destination in Mumbai. I feel acquiring the same status might be an uphill task in Delhi given the presence of great Thai options that have already carved out niches from themselves in different dining classes, Soi Thai at Basant Lok and Spice Route at the Imperial for example.

Sporting modern, abstract decor, this 80 cover restaurant has a waiting area opposite its bar with the main dining area and private dining room further within and was launched on the 11th of July 2013 – the same day we visited. You may want to wear rubber-soled footwear when visiting Thai Pavilion, unless of course you would like every eye upon your heels as you loudly click-clack your way on the gleaming wooden floors, to and from your table.
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By Sid Khullar

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