Cool Extravaganza

The limited edition flavors that Gelato Italiano launched under the Rich Scoop Fiesta label are based on desserts and are ideal to end any festive party on a sweet note. It combines the delight of ice cream with the finesse of a plated dessert, since no additional toppings or dessert sauces are needed.

When is an ice cream not just an icecream? When you can’t resist licking the creamy trail from your fingers and palms (yes, we are unabashedly guilty of that)!

Now, ice cream is welcome anytime of the year. Since it appears that summer is making an unseasonal entry this winter, it did not take us much cajoling to try the four new flavors that Gelato Italiano has introduced under the label ‘Rich Scoop Fiesta’.

These limited edition flavors — Tiramisu, Black Forest, Belgian Chocolate and Fruit & Nut — will be available until the 31st of December 2014. They do ample justice to the festive season and are more extravagant than the ones on Gelato Italiano’s regular menu. It is available in standard ice cream tub packing, but we learnt that it is best to not overfill it since it makes the cover stick and can be messy when you scoop.

The Black Forest Gelato also has cream, chocolate truffle besides large pieces of the eggless sponge cake.
The Black Forest Gelato also has cream, chocolate truffle besides large pieces of the eggless sponge cake.

The Tiramisu Gelato, with cream, coffee powder, mascarpone, cocoa powder and eggless sponge cake, tastes as close to a Tiramisu dessert as a frozen product can. While the deep flavour of espresso is obvious, the creamy presence of the mascarpone is missed in this frozen form. The sponge cake however absorbs the coffee’s flavour and brings back that kick with every bite that has sponge in it. For coffee, or Tiramisu, lovers this is a great way to enjoy the same flavours in a colder avatar.

Freezing the flavours of a Black Forest cake didn’t seem like an easy task considering the cake content. But Gelato Italiano pulls this off courtesy the cherries and the extensive use of dark chocolate flakes. The flakes could however be smaller, since frozen chocolate has the capacity to chip a tooth, especially dark chocolate which has less milk content and more cocoa!

The Black Forest Gelato also has cream, chocolate truffle besides large pieces of the eggless sponge cake. Kids are apt to like it since the inclusion of pitted cherries adds a lot to texture and the occasional burst of sweetness subdues the bitterness of
the dark chocolate, though the intense sweetness can make it less palatable for adults.

Creamy and dark, I expected the Belgian Chocolate to be less sweet with a deeper cocoa flavour. Ideally Belgian chocolate is supposed to suggest a certain level of depth and quality which this particula

r Gelato did have. Though the ingredients include coffee, there is no apparent flavour of mocha since the dark chocolate is the prevalent taste on the palate. We assume the amount of coffee used is negligible but it does help to bring out the chocolate. When frozen this Gelato can be hard to scoop out, but upon softening slightly, it is creamy and has a much better flavour, since colder foods tend to subdue flavours in general.

Though the Fruit & Nut Gelato looks more like rose ice cream speckled with fruits and nuts, the taste is very akin to old-school ‘tutti fruitti’ and it brought back memories of a childhood when few ice cream flavours existed. Both the rose and the orange are aids to bring out the fruitiness and are not obvious on the palate and the occasional bite of almonds adds a wonderful texture. The finesse comes from the fact that the almonds are toasted and lightly salted, which helps take away from its intense sweetness.

The four new flavours were creamy, rich and the quality of chocolate and nuts used was fairly superior compared to branded ice creams available through stores and ice cream parlors. Compared to other brands, Gelato Italiano’s prices are competitive and moreover, offer good value for money since it is locally produced, which lends it a sense of freshness.