Chef at Large April Newsletter

The April newsletter is out with updates on what we were up to in the month of March. We’ve reduced the number of pages to make it easier to create and send out consistently. Did you prefer the previous format? Please let us know. This newsletter is also much smaller than the previous one at well below 2mb. Not only will it load faster if you choose to view it online but also download in a jiffy if you wish to do so. This has however, resulted in lower qualitiy graphics. Do let us know which you prefer.

Madhulika is being kept fairly busy in Mumbai while I’m awaiting the development of a human photocopier. If you would like to be a part of Chef at Large, just reply to this mail with how you think you could help us.

On a parting note, there’s a fabulous Dim Sum class being conducted by Master Chef Thomas Wee at Empress of China this Friday the 13th (yeah, that’s 3 days away) and a rocking North Eastern Food & Music festival will commence on the same day at Dilli Haat. Just click the links to see the event pages. I would try not to miss both events!

As always, feedback is more than welcome!

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Sid Khullar

Sid Khullar is the founder of Chef at Large, a blog that began in 2007. He enjoys cooking, writing, travelling and technology in addition to being a practising Freemason. Health and wellness is a particularly passionate focus. Sid prefers the company of food and animals to most humans, and can be reached at