A Trip to the Jungle Perhaps?!

Whenever I receive a launch invite, my first thought is… will they deliver? Mainly because today, Gurgaon has a bevy of pubs, clubs, nightclubs, beer bars, fine dining and fast food outlets, less than half of whom with the capability to deliver as promised. So what will this newbie bring to the table?! The invite for Rhino had me asking the same question. Intriguing name but nothing to back it up with. Would it serve game meats, perhaps a jungle take on foods… I had no clue. Anyhow, we have to do what we have to do, so off we went, on a weekday evening to experience the launch of Rhino, a new bar/pub/nightclub on Gurgaon’s now famous, Golf Course Road.

Though the evening went on to unfold rather pleasantly it started on a bit of a sour note. Despite an e-mail confirmation of attendance, my name wasn’t on the list (tch tch WFive!). Considering Gurgaon is a disconcerting city to be dressed up and waiting aimlessly in, it started my evening badly. I could see names of random models who probably won’t frequent the outlet the way my friends and I would and it made me think that marketing is more essential than PR at times like these. Rhino is huge and has a tagline that’s a little confusing Live, Love, Pray. I wonder what it stands for or is it just another one of those new-age lines that mean nothing because they aren’t meant to have meaning… just sound cool? Since the wait staff appeared busy, we only managed to taste the Sesame Beef steak strips and crumb fried mushrooms, which were both pretty good. There was no mixing that evening so we had to choose from wines or hard liquor. Strangely, for a launch party there appeared to be less media and more friends and family. The entertainment for the evening was a Bangladeshi Jazz band that started almost 2 hours late but were good nonetheless. All in all its a new place to go. I’m yet to see the menu and get a real feel of the establishment but fortunately its on Golf Course Road which hasn’t earned yet the reputation MG Road has.

Rhino could well be where you end up if everywhere else is packed!

Ed: Cover photo not from the Rhino launch party.

I’ve received various comments on this article about how it hasn’t described interiors and food among other aspects of Rhino. This was a launch party and the interiors were cleared to make space for a dance floor. As with most launches, the scene was hectic and the food in all probability not representative of their kitchens, when they begin serving customers. Do write in to me at parul.shirazi@www.chefatlarge.in with more feedback! – Parul

Parul Pratap Shirazi

Parul is a trained Chef, professional food stylist, cook, food blogger and social media strategist. She loves grapes in her salad.