A Little App’iness in our Foodie Lives

You order food, it gets served; you click pictures, tweet/ share the same and then go about tasting it. That’s the typical routine of a web 2.0 restaurant customer and we’re sure you’ve seen it too.

But amongst all the apps available on the various in the marketplaces, it’s important for you to know some features that you should definitely have on these apps of them.

  1. You’re hungry and you want to know the nearest restaurant. This is incredibly helpful when you’re starving and want to know of the nearest restaurant that could be your savior.
  2. You’ve had an incredible meal and want to savor the memories. Being foodies, we’re sure you’ll be tasting food from quite a lot of locations and having a chronicle of all those memories would be so perfect.
  3. Look for recipes. Mom’s not around and you want to cook something delicious. An app to give you a recipe for the same is surely good to have around.
  4. Save your own recipes. If you know how to cook and are experimental with things coming out of your kitchen, having a place to save your recipes would be nice, instead of a paper cook book that goes to tatters in a few years. It’s a virtual record you can actually pass on to your next generation too, with all info in it, intact!

Fortunately, we found ourselves an app that does all of this and its Evernote Food. We’d written about it earlier too, but the app has gone in for some major redesign since then, all good of course, and it’s now known in its Evernote Food 2.0 avatar.  From the company’s own description, ‘Evernote Food helps you remember the food you love. From finding great new restaurants to documenting how to make family recipes, Evernote Food gives you one place to discover, collect, and remember your life’s memorable moments in food.’

Parul Shirazi from our team tested the app, by taking it out for a food walk at the Kingdom of Dreams. The delicious street food there made a compelling use case. Here goes the video from the same: