5 Romantic Spots for Dinner in Bangalore

Natasha Ali helps you out on one of the toughest decisions of the year – where to wine and dine your date on Valentine’s Day this year.

Valentine’s day is just an excuse to head out for a good meal in fine surroundings, accompanied by your (hopefully) favourite person. Right?! Well, maybe that’s just my jaded self, but it still doesn’t stop me from knowing exactly where I would recommend you head on V-Day, especially it being a Sunday this year. And my sweet tooth dictates that I only mention places that have delectable desserts for you to end (or begin) your date on, as you whisper sweeter nothings into each other’s ears!

-> The Glass House – Deli Bistro Bar: This glass ceiling-ed and walled place has, hands down, some of the moodiest lighting and romantic scene setting in Bangalore. The food’s good, the wine list extensive, and the candle-lit section in particular, is super conducive to some romancing in fine dine surroundings. It’s right off bustling Lavelle Road, but you will forget everything but your date once seated.


-> Blue Terrain, Novotel Bangalore (OR) By the Blue, Grand Mercure: Want to be outdoor by the pool with the gentle lapping sounds of water falling, and dim lighting as well? – well then, here are two perfect options. Blue Terrain has a mix of food and focuses heavily on grills, while By the Blue is known for Indian and again, grills. Something about the water and outdoors seems to inspire fresh grills, I guess! Novotel has some of the best desserts in town, so be sure to stop off at their bakery, Delice, on the way out, so you can continue the dessert feast at home…


-> HIGH Ultra Lounge (OR) 13th Floor: Get a high from being high(er) off the ground? Then you should check out High Ultra Lounge, which is Bangalore’s loftiest place to dine. Good Asian food, a breathtaking view of the city and home to Guru, bartender and maker of fantastic cocktails, are all additional reasons to visit – but for V-Day, the romance will be in the air, quite literally, and the nip from the breeze over 30 floors off the ground means you get a good reason to snuggle together. 13th Floor is an old Bangalore favourite, and affords an exceptional view of what, in my head, is down town Bangalore – including a bird’s eye view of Chinnaswamy Stadium. Heady cocktails and great food add to the charm. And the wind factor will render cozying up, mandatory!


By Natasha Ali

Natasha's first foray into food writing has been with Chef at Large. Who knew all those years spent eating food, reading about it and looking for the next restaurant to try or watching cooking shows would have left such an indelible impression?! She's back in India after having spent over a decade in the US where she studied as well as taught in academia and now works as a content writer seeing as she can write about pretty much anything. Movie mad, obsessed with the English language, and never one to turn down a glass of good wine, cup of tea, or a good book, she's open to trying any dish once, she enjoys a variety of cuisines with favorites being Ethiopian, Thai, and Lebanese.

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