5 Low Fat foods that are bad for you

Once a person hits 40; weight control becomes a priority. Trying to choose healthy, non fatty food becomes the focal point of life. Monitoring weight gain, checking cholesterol levels and counting calories becomes more important than anything else.

Desperate to lose weight, first of all; we try to control our eating habits. The first thought is usually to eat low fat and less calories and arrest the tipping of the scale. To help us in this; every super market, grocery shop, and food store across the country sells just the food we now want to eat. The fact remains that even after weeks of controlling ourselves and consuming low fat, low calorie food our waistlines refuse to recede! On the contrary we seem to keep getting bigger!

Here are 5 low fat foods that are actually bad for us, while all the time we thought otherwise.

1 Low fat bakery items—Confectionery, muffins pastries During the manufacturing of low-fat food, carbohydrates are usually added to replenish the loss of calories. So a low-fat muffin or pastry usually has comparatively more calories than the high-fat ones. The added disadvantage is that high carbohydrates slow down the rate of metabolism in the body thus affecting weight loss. Also, carbohydrates are the main culprits when it comes to storage and production of fat in the body, making us less healthy. On the other hand, fat is filling. If we have a hearty meal comprising some fatty food, hunger will stay away longer, ensuring we actually eat less.

2 Vegetable Salad Salads are superb to eat and should be part of every meal. But when it comes to the fat-free variety it is another thing. Most fat-free salads are dressed with supposedly fat-free dressings which in all certainty makes us hungry again… and quickly! Usually sugar or artificial sweeteners are added to enhance the taste. It may look and taste great, but the effects on the body are not so. The spike in sugar level thus caused increases hunger.

3 Egg substitutes The yolk of an egg, usually missing from egg substitutes, happens to be the healthiest portion of the egg. So when someone uses egg substitutes to make, say an omelette; they usually add colouring agents to provide the ‘egg feeling’ into the dish. This may give us a fractionally lower calorie count, but with just about 5-6 grams of fat the yolk is of much more value to our good health. The yolk of the egg contains vitamin A and D, which naturally strengthen the immune system and provides ‘Choline’ which is helpful in memory and muscle functions.

So, one egg a day with the yolk would do much less harm to the body compared to the fat free egg subs. It would actually be a lot healthier for your body and mind.

4 Granola and chips Low-fat granola is usually laced with either rice (brown) syrup or cane juice and so contains much more sugar than we think, and it makes us feel hungry sooner. So in place of controlling fat intake we end up eat more.

Similarly in case of low-fat potato chips, the difference between the low fat and the normal chips is fractional, but the difference in the taste is large. After having a usual serving of these chips we do not hesitate to have some extra mouth fulls as they seem to be low fat and more healthy, thus defeating the very purpose of consuming them in the first place. A better option would be to probably go for salted chickpeas instead of chips.

5 Low fat yogurt/ice-cream Low fat yogurt is mostly not low-fat. It usually contains artificial colouring agents as well as added stabilisers and flavours. Low-fat yogurt also has more sugar added to enhance its taste than you think. Not very healthy options! When your body needs fat to absorb the vitamin D provided by yogurt, the low fat variety does just the opposite, it gives you none.

It would be a much healthier option to go for normal fat yogurt as it has been proved that consuming high fat dairy products was a better bet at losing weight compared to the other way round.

Being a little mindful of what you’re exactly consuming in the name of low calories or low fat would be the right thing to do. Just because it is supposed to be low cal or low fat rarely makes it so.

“I know what I have to do if I want to lose weight and stay healthy: eat a proper diet and exercise. All I’ve got to do is apply it.” – John Candy

The most important thing to understand is probably that our minds and bodies should be in sync with one another to help us fight weight issues. Foods that are healthy and in the right quantity at the right time make the mantra that works but only if, its companions are regular exercise and a positive mindset.