5 Chinese Desserts You Didn’t Know Of

While we’re largely served the same boring bunch of desserts regardless of the restaurant we visit, 5-star authentic or downtown Punjabi-Chinese, the Chinese have a good thing going, even in the desserts section. Chinese desserts can be roughly classified into 6 categories:

  • Bing, usually baked, wheat-flour based, they include parallels from different cultures including Indian, French and Italian items such as rotis, galettes, crepes and pizzas. Bing are a casual-eating food category, but sometimes included in formal meal settings too. The same category exists in Korean cuisine too.
  • Candies, usually made with cane sugar, malt sugar and honey
  • Gio, made with glutinous or normal rice
  • Ices, made with shaved rice and served with sweet condiments and syrups
  • Jellies, use gelatin based jellies, grass jelly, agar-agar, and aiyu jelly
  • Soups, consist of mostly hot soups and custards, some of them with healing properties

Below, you’ll find a few varieties of desserts that we wish restaurants in India would begin serving up.

Sid Khullar

Sid Khullar is the founder of Chef at Large, a blog that began in 2007. He enjoys cooking, writing, travelling and technology in addition to being a practising Freemason. Health and wellness is a particularly passionate focus. Sid prefers the company of food and animals to most humans, and can be reached at sid.khullar@chefatlarge.in.