4 Health Benefits of Detox drinks

Your body is continuously filtering toxins and chemical agents out of the system with amazing effectiveness. But with age, this very system begins to falter and wear out. That is when your body becomes a host for diseases and microbes. Unable to filter out the toxins effectively anymore, there is a significant increase in diseases. Health experts recommend regular boosters in the form of detox drinks and diet.

Here are 4 obvious health benefits of detox drinks witnessed instantly.

Enhance the Performance of Liver

Hepatic cells are like sieves. They extract the nutrients and separate out the toxins. Due to poor diet and some genetic disorders, the hepatic cells might start to wear out drastically causing all kinds of diseases. Detox drinks boost these hepatic cells by supplying sufficient nutrients that not only heal the liver tissue, but also give them a stronger immunity against any future occurrence of injury, disease or damage. Detox drinks made of fruits and herbs reduce liver inflammation, and cleanse it from within. These drinks are highly recommended for those suffering from liver cirrhosis, jaundice, hepatitis and cancer.

Pumps energy and boosts endurance levels

Detoxing improves both physical and mental health.

Detox drinks are extremely heart friendly as they maintain the pH balance of the blood. Blood is slightly alkaline, and detox drinks supply sufficient amount of potassium ions to sustain this balance. A healthy heart is the secret behind the energy levels. Cleansing of connective tissues is a great benefit of consuming these drinks that act as cardiovascular stimulants.

 No waste storage in the body

In addition to cleansing of the system, the wastes have to be properly removed too. Stored waste deposits in the body can cause disorders. Detox drinks remove waste through normal channels. Maximum amount of nutrient absorption occurs by drinking these juices leading to prevention of bloating and inflammation of organs. Detox therapies that clear the waste deposits are acknowledged for their superlative benefits coming in the form of glowing skin, stronger hair follicles, sparkling eyes, luscious lips and of course, better libido and vigor.

Weight loss and mental vigilance

A desirable side effect of detox drinks is weight loss.

Detox drinks promotes the functions of the brain in controlling the appetite and overcoming compulsive binge habits. Drinking detox juice made of strawberries, cucumber, lemon, apple cider vinegar and grapes have a significant impact on the brain functions. Weight loss is evident among individuals who rely on detox drinks as they have been shown to release higher levels of dopamine and serotonin, also called “Happy chemicals” that curb mood swings. They also accelerate motor reaction to a stimulus, proving that detox drinks boost mental alertness as well.

Things to remember

  • Don’t overlook the calorie count in these drinks. You need to supplement your body with adequate nutrients, in addition to detoxification.
  • Start detox drinks after consulting with a nutritionist.
  • Avoid detox drinks if you are undergoing recuperation from surgery or chemotherapy, are pregnant, or have a mental disorder for which you are taking prescription drugs.
  • Kids under the age of 10 years should not be given detox drinks.
  • Avoid sugar and preservatives in the detox drinks for best results in the long run.

Still very much in its nascent stage, the benefits of detox drinks could well become the next big thing in modern age dieting and alternative medication.