24 hours in Kolkata

Where and what would you eat during a day in Kolkata? Antara answers.

Deep fried momos
Deep fried momos

Calcutta is a city of many faces, schizophrenic, as some unkind people may choose to say. it’s long and rich cultural history ensures a thoroughly confused visitor is faced with a groaning sideboard of offerings, each with it’s very own cultural identity. This is but one of many possible culinary combinations you can indulge in during 24 hours spent in the city.

Breakfast #1: If you are an early morning person, the Chinese breakfast at Tiretti Bazaar is your best bet to grab a bite before most people have woken up. Pork meatball soup or fish-ball soup, stuffed Chinese buns and momos of course. You can also indulge in a little shopping for Chinese greens, Cantonese sausages, freshly made tofu and a treasure trove of Chinese cooking ingredients – all this between 6am and 8am.

Breakfast #2 @Flury’s, Park Street: We may love to hate it for it’s declining quality, yet, when it comes to nostalgic ambiance and the Colonial feel so many tourists to the city want to explore, a breakfast platter at Flury’s (toast, eggs, sausages, hash browns, tea/coffee) is totally worth the experience. Opt for Darjeeling tea, obviously.