[Rating:2/5] The Raddison Hotel (Near IGI Airport)

I hapenned to be attending a training programme (7 Habits Of Highly Effective People – by FranklinCovey South Asia, Highly recommended) in the Raddison. Since it was a full day programme, lunch was part of the programme.

The restaurant’s name is I’Ching (or something equally silly, since the I’Ching is a Chinese text dated around 5000BC – I really don’t know what it has to do with food). Walking in, its obvious they’ve spent a packet on the decor, silverware et al. Its when you start eating that you wish lunch were at one of the numerous dhabas opposite the hotel.

The food was possibly one of the worst renditions of chinese I have ever tasted. The service was even worse. Since we were part of the training group, the waiters may have felt, since they aren’t going to get any tips, might as well get them out quickly. So we saw food being unceremoniously dumped on our plates unasked, sloppily at that. The attitude was worse, with questions being answered through monosyllables or neanderthal grunts. I dont think I’ll forget the look of astonishment on our trainer’s face as he was in earnest discussion with the person opposite him, when a bunch of noodles was dumped into his plate by the person serving us. He was polite enough to ask the person to please serve him when he asks for it. I may not have been so patient.

Since I was part of a group, it may have been out of line to say anything, but I did fill in a feedback form nonetheless. They probably wont read it.

All in all – MUST NOT VISIT.

Rating: 1/10 (for the good cutlery)
Price: Don’t know, don’t care



Kabab Market, Sector 29, NOIDA

The kabab market in the sector 29 market NOIDA, doesn’t exist before 6:00p . What was flat pavement a few hours previously becomes transformed into a collection of non vegetarian dishes at prices that would make anyone drool. Check out the mutton, chicken and egg wraps, mutton and chicken korma, biryani, veg and chicken momos, boti kababs. From bland to extra spicy its all available here.

Of course, traditional staples like shammi kabab, seekh kabab and chicken tikka are also very much available. On the vegetarian side, you have paneer tikka, corn in cups, spicy vegetable momos, bhelpuri, papdi chaat, gol guppas et al.

Meal for two: Rs. 100
Rating: 9/10
Category: Street Food



Punjabi Tadka


Centrestage Mall, Sector 18, NOIDA

We had people coming over and needed to take them out for lunch. One of the guests insisted on Indian food, as that was all she liked. Fair enough. Each one to his/her own. So, instead of a quick Chinese (american?) meal at Mark Pi, we went to the restaurant opposite it – Punjabi Tadka. Punjabi Fatka would have been more appropriate, as we found out later.

The place had a buffet, so it instantly won a small place in my stomach, sorry heart. The number of covers that the place could have seated normally was doubled by subjecting diners to cramped seats and the ‘pushback-bang-sorry’ syndrome. For those of you that don’t know what that means, the pushback-bang-sorry syndrome happens when there is about 2 inches of space between the back of your chair and the back of another patrons chair. So you decide to get up and PUSH BACK, then you BANG and then you say SORRY.

Anyway, we stuck to normal (read sordid and boring) food – Tadka Dal (langar wali as per the menu), Kadhai Paneer, Malai Kofta, Sweet corn soup (is that Punjabi?) and Mutton something for me. We also asked for a mixed basket of rotis. Incidently, I’m the only carnivore left in the family now.

The soup arrived. Extra salty. Sent it back.
The food arrived. Kadhai paneer – 2 pieces of paneer, 1 inch all ways.
Mutton – I would help myself, put the spoon in, the oil would flow in and then I would drain it in a plate just for this use, and then repeat the process.
Malai Kofta – Touch it and the malai kofta turned into paneer bhurji.
Dal – Ok
Rotis – Exceptional!

Finger bowls – cold water. Asked for warm/hot water. Again arrived – Cold water. ‘Sir geyser nahin chal raha hai’. That did it. Went to the manager and requested him to provide hot finger bowls, or I will go to the buffet, take down a dish and wash my hands in the bowl of hot water underneath it. The geyser suddenly started working and we had hot water.

The bill arrived. All ok. Except that two bottles of mineral water had been priced at Rs 27 each, mentioned as ‘water mix’. No can do mate! Went to the manager

BigFatMan: “This is the mineral water?”
Manager: “Yes sir”

BFM: “You’re selling bottled water above the MRP?”
M: “Its water mix sir”

BFM: “Is it mentioned on the menu?”
M: “No sir. Its water mix”

BFM: “Are you aware I will send you a notice for this, on your name”
M: “But its not mineral water sir”

BFM: [whips out his camera and takes a picture of the table and bottles] BFM: “still water mix?”
M: “Please give me the bill sir, I’ll amend it”

BFM: “I shall be eternally greatful and obliged for your generosity”

Anyhow, I’m not sure we’re going there again. I did like the rotis though. Did I mention the service sucked? No? Well it did! Can’t blame the manager actually. The owners make most of these policies and can’t be bothered either way. He’s just doing his job.

Rating: 3/10
Meal for Two: INR 500

Find Punjabi Tadka Menu, Reviews and contacts on FoodieBay




[Rating:2.5/5] Sector 29, NOIDA

After being turned away from the Arun Vihar Officers Institute (it was 11pm) we turned towards Samarkand.

Let me be very honest here. I have a bias against places that serve chindian, pinglish and standard north indian fare. Being part of a group and hungry as hell, I didn’t have much of a choice but to follow everybody into the place.

I was due for a surprise.

The cutlery was clean and sparkling. The tablecloths were white and maroon and totally spotless, service was polite, wood panelled walls, the decor, while quintessentially punjabi (read ostentatious, shiny and overdone) was not over the top, christmas decorations were nice. I did feel the artificial roses at the table could have been real ones and the music perhaps a little more sophisticated ("tu cheez badi hai…"), but then let me not start whining, the place had already exceeed expectations.

The plates were laid. Wonder of wonders – they had been warmed! At this point I started looking forward to the food. The ever present pickled onions and pickles were placed on the table. I did miss the green chutkey + yoghurt that is normally there.

Coming to the food. We ordered Kadhai Chicken, Green peas in a thick green gravy, dal makhni, tadka dal, mixed rotis and some paneer. Don’t know because I didn’t do the ordering. Just sat and hogged like a good little glutton.

Let me now admit – The food was great! The service was excellent and overall the experience was wonderful. Though I don’t generally eat Indian out, if I do have to go Indian again, this is the place I’m going to hit. BTW: They serve alcohol as well.

Rating: 8.5/10
Meal for two: 400



The Great Kabab Factory

[Rating:2.5/5] Ansals Fortune Arcade, Sector 18, NOIDA

The Great Kabab Factory was earlier the exclusive preserve of the Radisson near the international airport in Delhi. After deciding to show mercy to poor souls like me, it opened up a branch in sector 18, NOIDA.

Walk in and you are struck by the same decor that seems to be a statement. I’ve seen it in the Radisson, NOIDA and Jallandhar. Identical, down to the uniforms.

They have fixed menus for the day, so dont come expecting an a la carte meal. Both veg and nonvegetarian options are available. A typical non vegetarian menu is:

Mutton Galauti Kabab
Amritsari Fish Kabab
Chicken Boti Kabab
Mutton Chhaap Kabab
Chicken Tangri Kabab

Before the kababs comes a huge platter of salad including some very good water melon. Each of the kababs are tailored to your individual tastes and preferences. The kababs are accompanied by different ‘breads’ like

Ulte tave ka parantha
butter naan
Tandoori Roti
Lacchha Parantha
XYZ Bread (I cant remember the name, but this is a griddle roti with a very bready texture)

When you’re nearly through with the kababs your waiter will bring to your table a selection of the days ‘food’, that is normally one daal and two vegetable dishes. Buttermilk is served and refilled throughout the meal just like everything else. When you’re done with the kababs, its time for biryani. Mutton or chicken biryani served with a plain raita.

When you’re done with this as well, its time for desert. The collection normally available is:
Ice cream (three flavours)
A Rice pudding
Gulab Jamun

Even at the end of the meal, feel free to start off again with the kababs if you so desire. Normal people will find that one of each kabab and one of everything will see them fit to burst. Gourmands (not to be confused with Gourmet) like me take gluttony to the level of a fine science. I find keeping a side plate of water melon, using the breads for nothing more than wiping your hands and only taking the occassional sip of butter milk, takes me to the as-yet-unbroken record of 5 refills of everything! I do like to ensure my waiters are fit and healthy through many trips to the kitchen. Personally, I avoid the daal, vegetables and only take a peck at the biryani. Its the kababs that interest me the most. If anyone else has ideas on how to improve performance at The Great Kabab Factory, drop me a line.

Meal for two: Around 1200/- including service tax.
Rating: 9/10
Category: Fine Dining