Featured People

A Woman of Steel

When one thinks of Rhea Mitra-Dalal, one quickly conjures up an image of a no-nonsense, matronly lady, one of the oldest members and moderators of the Chef at Large Facebook group. However, behind that stately demeanour, is a lady with the kindest of hearts, a love for food which replaces her usual stern look when a plate of delectable food lands in front of her. A brilliant writer on all things food especially Parsi and Bengali cuisines, not to mention everything porcine. 

The Woman who took the Road, less Travelled!

When I spoke to Trishna Wahengbam of Chaminnasi, an entrepreneur foraying into North Eastern cuisine for the patrons in Delhi, I couldn’t stop myself from reminiscing of Frost’s, ‘The Road Not Taken’. Whilst many take great comfort in sticking to the rigmarole of routine, Trishna Wahengbam found solace in stepping into uncharted territories.