CaL SBA – Ad Booking

If you would like to sell anything on CaL, it is now possible, with an associated fee of INR 2,500 per post. You can choose to either have a moderator make your post for you or you can make it yourself, by writing to, ensuring the following is quoted at the top of your post: #CaLApprovedAd NNNN where NNNN is a number provided to you by CaL Support. A single post is allowed per payment, all kinds of products can be sold in addition to commercial discussions being allowed on your ad post.

STEP 1: Please click the button below to make your payment (INR 2,500 per post).
STEP 2: Fill the form below, remembering to note and enter the payment reference number from PayUMoney. 


Terms & Conditions

  1. The matter you submit will be posted as is by CaL Moderators at a time deemed most suitable for interaction by members or at a date and time specified by you. Members must not post their promotion themselves without obtaining clearance from CaL Support (
  2. It is not possible to choose which moderator will post your ad.
  3. One successful paid booking using this form assures you of one post with up to 2 web links, one FB page tag and one photograph, poster or graphic.
  4. Please make your payment by clicking the green button at the top of this page, before filling out the form above.
  5. Your ad will only be processed after receipt of the payment.
  6. Please direct all enquiries to
  7. This facility is only for members of CaL who own/operate a home based business. We reserve the right to reject bookings from entities who we deem contrary to this criteria. Rejected bookings that have been paid for, will be refunded.
  8. An automatic receipt/invoice from PayUMoney will reach you by email shortly after your payment reaches us.
  9. CaL Media Pvt. Ltd. makes no claim as to the suitability of these ads to increase business, including but not limited to the number of clicks or views an ad post will receive, if the advertiser will be able to generate consumer interest, and if the ad will result in any business to the advertiser, among other possibilities, even if CaL Media Pvt. Ltd. has been advised about the same.
  10. There will be no refunds issued after an ad booking has been accepted and/or executed.