CaL Meets

CaL Meets are member initiated and CaL assisted events that take place in cities all over the world. The purpose is for CaL members to meet offline, with families and children if desired, and interact together, exchanging stories, experiences, recipes and more.

  • Who initiates these events?
    All CaL Meets are initiated by one or more members from the city where the meet is to take place. They’re called Hosts.
  • What is involved in becoming a Host for a CaL Meet?
    Hosts need to identify a suitable location for the meet, decide upon a menu, an agenda, get in touch with others from the city, follow up with them, collect payments (in advance is recommended) and otherwise manage all aspects of the event. Sometimes, if CaL is able to assist in that city, the host will also need to coordinate with a CaL team member.
  • How can CaL help?
    CaL helps by trying to work out deals with restaurants and FMCG brands to benefit members. These deals depend on the number of members attending a meet, so the more the members, the better the deal we can work out.
  • I want to host a CaL Meet. What do I need to do?
    To host a CaL meet, simply create an event within the CaL Group, ensuring the name, the picture etc adhere to our guidelines (mentioned below).

CaL Meet – Before – Event Creation Guidelines

  • The name must always begin with “CaL Meet:” (without quotes), followed by a space and then the name of the city. For example, “CaL Meet: Baroda”. Please note the use of upper and lower case, which must be retained.
  • The event must use an officially approved cover picture. If you do not have one, please email and request one.
  • The venue, location and timing and description must be mentioned. An event may be created without these elements, as the host may wish to gather a certain number of attendees and then decide upon the venue and timing etc. They must however be in place as soon as possible.
  • The description must ultimately mention the following: venue, approximate agenda, children’s activities or arrangements, meeting point, meeting time, names of those who have paid in advance, activities/games planned, type of food, vegetarian friendly options, Halal status of non-vegetarian (depending on composition of attending members), presence and availability of alcohol (some aren’t comfortable with it, some aren’t comfortable without it) and so on.
  • Money/Charges: We suggest collecting an amount, per head, in advance. If a package deal has been negotiated with the venue and a fixed price per head has been decided upon, then the full amount per head may be collected. If billing will be based on a la carte orders, then a token amount, perhaps INR 500, could be collected per head from attendees. This reduces cancellations and ensures attendance to a large extent. If members are being invited to deposit registration fees into a bank account, especially the CaL Media Pvt. Ltd. account for official events, please ensure they are asked not to deposit cash. Cash deposits invite fees, which will be recovered from the deposited funds of the member in question.
  • We do not recommend refunds for cancellations considering a venue gives a reduced price based on the number of people attending an event.  If refunding, we suggest refunding *after* the event has been concluded and the venue has been paid in full. The amount left over can then be equally split amongst those cancelling. We suggest the host deduct a further 15% for their effort prior to issuing refunds.

CaL Meet – During – Conducting a Smooth and Fun Event

  • Plan the agenda, right from the time the first person walks in to the time the last person leaves.
  • Include ice breaking activities, such as personal introductions, as everyone may not know each other.
  • Suggest some simple games that folks can play together, looking up the Internet for inspiration.
  • Ask local home bakers if they want to give away anything to members at the event, such as cookie samples, to promote their home businesses. This adds value to members attending the event as well as to the person sponsoring the give away.
  • Try to provide name tags in the form of blank labels where members can write their names.
  • Including props and activities for the kids will be appreciated by members, as they will then be able to pursue their own agendas.

CaL Meet – After – Post Event Activities

  • Once an event is done, all that remains is to record the names and some details of those who attended. For this, the host only needs to share the following link ( with those who attended, requesting them to fill in details.