CaL Badge Network

The Chef at Large group on Facebook sends out about thousands of visitors per day to links posted on its wall. If you would like to share your blog’s links on the Chef at Large wall, it is mandatory to install the CaL Badge (250 x 250px) on your blog’s sidebar (not footer), as high as possible.

Websites or blogs with commercial elements may not be approved for joining at our discretion.

Chef at Large will display various articles, aspects and activities related to Chef at Large and its associates in the badge space and in exchange for this, will allow you to post your blog’s links on the CaL Group. Please check the list below to confirm your blog is in the whitelist.

Add the CAL badge in 3 easy steps

Please note, blogs hosted on’s free plan will likely be unable to use the badge code. If so, please do not post your blog’s link to the group. Additionally, sharing YouTube channels or videos by those associated with the channel/video, is not allowed at this time. Finally, blogs with explicit commercial agendas will not be added to the network. Additionally, only web blogs are being added at this time. Instagram, Facebook pages etc. will not be considered due to administrative reasons.

Blogs – ACTIVE

Only blogs that are in any of the two lists below may post links to the group. If you have received the code but are unable to implement it, please speak with us and we’ll help you get it working. 

  1. Aarti Madan
  2. AC Bistro
  3. Anubala’s Kitchen
  4. apigeonnapie
  5. Aromatic Essence
  6. Astha’s Kitchen
  7. At 200 Degrees
  8. At My Kitchen
  9. Baketitude
  10. Bala’s e-Kitchen
  11. Batter Up with Sujata
  12. Bless my Food, by Payal
  13. Bowl of Food with Ash
  14. Breaking Naan
  15. CaL Wellness Blog
  16. Chef at Large
  17. Cheryl Rambles
  18. chewdaa-ladu
  19. Code 2 Cook
  20. Cook with Renu
  21. Cooking with Shobana
  22. Curry and Spice
  23. Curry and Vanilla
  24. Dimpiee Kitchen
  25. Divine Spice Box
  26. Dusty’s Food Adventures
  27. Eat More Art
  28. Euphorhea
  29. Exotic-n-Easy
  30. Flavour Attack
  31. Flavoured with Love by Priyanka
  32. Food Filment
  33. Food Glen
  34. Food Trails
  35. Food, Fitness, Beauty and More
  36. FoodnFoodie
  37. Go Work Eat Out
  38. Golden Spices
  39. Greedy Eats
  40. Happiness Multiplied
  41. Herbivore Cucina
  42. Hetal Kamdar
  43. Home Cooking
  44. Hungry Soul by Abha
  45. I camp in my kitchen
  46. Inish Kitchen
  47. Ivy Endeavours
  48. Jayanthi’s Indian Recipes
  49. Kitchen Fables
  50. Kuch Pak Raha Hai
  51. Ladles and Spoons
  52. Let’s Cook Healthy Tonight
  53. Manu’s Menu
  54. Masalakorb
  55. Meraki Delights
  56. Moneet da Dhaba
  57. More than Curry
  58. Motions and Emotions
  59. My Culinary Saga
  60. My Dainty Kitchen
  61. My Dainty Soul Curry
  62. My Friday Food Swings
  63. My Tryst with Food and Travel
  64. My Yellow Apron
  65. Nehu’s Kitchen
  66. Nitha’s Kitchen
  67. Noopur’s Kitchen
  68. Not a Curry
  69. Not Out of the Box
  70. On the Flame
  71. Once Upon a Supper
  72. Oven Tales
  73. Paarulz Kitchen
  74. Pepper on Pizza
  75. Pepper, Chilli and Vanilla
  76. Perky Home Maker
  77. Polka Puffs
  78. Preethi’s Cuisine – My Magical Culinary Journey
  79. Priyashii’s Kitchen
  80. Profusion Curry
  81. Reciphoria
  82. Ruchi’s Kitchen
  83. Ruchi’s Veg Kitchen
  84. Saffron, Lavender and a Cup of Tea
  85. Savory Bites Recipes
  86. Second Recipe
  87. Shailaja’s Passion
  88. Shobha’s Food Mazaa
  89. Shubha’s Kitchen
  90. Sizzle and Drizzle
  91. Sizzling Tastebuds
  92. Snapcook
  93. Spice Affairs
  94. Spices n Flavours
  95. SpicyTamarind
  96. Srivalli’s Kitchen
  97. Suju’s Simply Cooking
  98. That Baker Gal
  99. The Aspiring Home Cook
  100. The Fat Foodie
  101. The Hungry Belly
  102. The Photo Wali
  103. The Yellow Daal
  104. Travel Beauty Diary
  105. Vegetarian Bites
  106. Vegetarian’s Delight
  107. Vidhya’s Home Cooking
  108. When a Bong Cooks
  109. Winged Words
  110. Wordsmith Kaur
  111. World Cafe for You
  112. Your Everyday Cook
  113. Your Food Fantasy
  114. YourHungerStop
  115. YummieBites
  116. Yummy Recipes 4 All
  117. Yummy Tales of Tummy
  118. Yummy Vegetarian Recipes

Don’t see your blog in the list and it was there earlier? We make this list by checking the number of times your badge was displayed in the last 7 days. If the number is equal to or more than 10, your blog is listed, and if not, it isn’t. So, if your blog isn’t there in the list, please check your code to ensure it’s installed properly and visit your blog at least once a week if your blog is new and doesn’t have very many visitors.

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