Bootcamp Weight Loss Package

Bootcamp is our ultimate plan, one and two steps above Kickstarter and Basecamp. In this package, you’ll get everything that Kickstarter and Basecamp offer – 4 great meal plans that are nutritionally balanced, information of supplements you need to take in addition to your diet and backed by government sources of Indian and International nutritional data. Plus there’s more from Kickstarter; a psychological counselling session, plus SOS consultations for advice on what to eat when you’re out with friends and family, as well as two sessions during which time we’ll analyse your diet logs and provide feedback. But that’s what’s in the previous two packages, and this one offers some more.

Bootcamp takes your resolve to lose weight one step further, and puts you in touch with a practitioner – Sid Khullar, who will help you with any doubts you may have, find ways to get past weight plateaus, teach basic meditation techniques if you wish and just about any query you may have on weight loss, food, meditation and related subjects. Click here to read more about Sid.

Meditation is a great way to get to know yourself better, accept yourself and others, in addition to feeling calmer and one with the world around us.

The Extra Mile
There’s losing weight, and then there’s truly all-around change. If our minds are made up, most of us can lose weight by eating right. True all-around change however only happens to a few select people who are truly determined to turn themselves around in every sense of the phrase.

Access to a coach is a big help for all of us, regardless of our accomplishments or current stage in life. A third person’s objective perspective on our life and way of being can bring real insight into the way we proceed.

This is our all-in-one plan that includes everything in Basecamp and Kickstarter. and increases the personal aspect by bringing you four voice/video sessions with Sid Khullar where you can discuss your cooking patterns, food consumption or any other aspect of your personal nutrition, in addition to a face to face session during which you’ll get a front line view of food, eating, cooking and even meditation to balance your being, if you so desire. Ready to start losing weight? Click here to purchase this plan @ INR 4685 +GST.

Bootcamp Weight Loss Package
Diet Charts
4 diet charts each month (1 per week)
6 sessions, by email
4 requests per month
1 Session, 1 hour, phone, Meeta Verma, Psychologist
Diet Log Counselling
2 sessions, by email, where we’ll analyze your dietary intake and provide feedback/counselling
Food SOS
3 Messages when you’re out with friends or family, to ask what you can eat without violating your meal plan.
Video/Phone Call
4 15 minute phone/video calls with Sid Khullar, about weight loss, food, meditation or any other related subject.
Face to Face Meeting
A 30 minute face to face meeting with Sid Khullar, about weight loss, food, meditation or any other related subject. (or 1 hour video/phone call if physically meeting isn’t practical/possible)
100% Free seminar attendance for you. 25% off for your spouse/partner (INR 3000 value)

The regular price for these services is usually around INR 12,500 per month. Incredible!?

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Note: You will be billed INR 5529 (INR 4685 + GST @ 18%).