Nisha Pillai

Foodie. Super-Mom and Wife. Writer. Kitchen Scientist. Nerd. I have loved cooking and eating since I can remember. Love reading cookbooks and collecting them. A very selective introvert (if I may say so) by default but can be a very lively extrovert if the topic is food.

5 Food Books To Own!

The wave of food revolution and abundance of information has left us with choices that are overwhelming and the bad ones can obscure the good ones by sheer numbers, yet, there is hope for book-lovers. These five books are treasures that will be a great gift to yourself or others that will keep on giving long after you have finished reading them.

Malabar Cuisine: A Treat For The Senses

Malabar Cuisine has all the essential Maappila dishes that takes delicious advantage of the fresh varieties of seafood and meats delicately cooked in the best produce Kerala has to offer. The dishes are rich in nuts and spices and cooked expertly in different ways, which makes it a heavenly experience that is not to be missed.

The Suriani Kitchen: Tasting Nostalgia

In a world where local cuisines are requiring life support from food aficionados, and globalization mutating the stand-alone traditional recipes, this book is nothing short of a treasure. The vast majority of the featured recipes don’t fail to appeal to the heart of a purist, who wants to stick to roots and tradition, food-wise.