Natasha Ali

Natasha's first foray into food writing has been with Chef at Large. Who knew all those years spent eating food, reading about it and looking for the next restaurant to try or watching cooking shows would have left such an indelible impression?! She's back in India after having spent over a decade in the US where she studied as well as taught in academia and now works as a content writer seeing as she can write about pretty much anything. Movie mad, obsessed with the English language, and never one to turn down a glass of good wine, cup of tea, or a good book, she's open to trying any dish once, she enjoys a variety of cuisines with favorites being Ethiopian, Thai, and Lebanese. Natasha covers Bangalore for Chef at Large and can be reached at

Beering it Up!

The Beer Cafe recently added Bangalore to the list of cities in India where it has a presence, and Natasha spent a pleasant couple hours checking out the beers they have from across the world, and sampling the food that well complemented a cold one.

The Journey To Fitness With Divya Sathyaraj

Divya Sathyaraj has a famous last name – daughter of a very well-known South Indian actor. And with a younger brother who is also a Tamil movie actor, she’s grown up with dinner table conversations around healthy eating and staying fit. It is perhaps no wonder then, that she is steadily making a name for herself as a nutritionist. She counts amongst her clients the wife of A. R. Rahman, Sairaa Rahman. We sat down to talk about food and nutrition and in particular, her views on South Indian food as healthy and whether it lends itself to those working to lose weight.

Get Coastal In Bangalore City!

One of Natasha’s favourite places to visit in Bangalore for Coastal cuisine, Anupam’s Coast II Coast is an old standard on MG Road, tucked away in a little shopping mall. It’s got that old school vibe and wait staff, affordable and delicious food, and a decent bar menu to keep you going.

Yay For Saturday Brunch!

Saturday is the start of the weekend, one is peppy, bright eyed and bushy tailed, looking for something fun to do. Vivanta by Taj, Yeshwantpur decided it was time to step into the breach and present Bangalore residents with a new option – Saturday brunch at their Mediterranean Cafe Azure. Named Mou Taverna, the vibe was of a Souk – a little marketplace, that included Channapatna wooden toys for the kiddies to buy and play with, cheeses, sauces and potted plants for sale, and of course, a very delectable spread.

There’s More To Love At Biere Club Now!

I admire and applaud The Biere Club’s efforts to keep innovating and trying different things. It adds that element of something new to try when next you visit, it means you have new items to add to your favorites list, and of course, you’re always assured of a choice of half a dozen beers on tap to accompany your meal (or maybe the reverse, and some new nosh to accompany your cold brew!).

Chocolate Takes the Stage

I was wondering if this would be a case of chocolate, chocolate everywhere, with garnishes and sauces in the mains, apart from the dessert spread. To my surprise Chef had chosen to keep the focus on desserts, and added just a couple touches of chocolate to other dishes.