Karam Bharij

a lecturer, freelance photo-journalist afflicted with the travel bug, sampler of fine wines and an avid cook of Kenyan, Indian, Chinese, Greek and French cuisines particularly fusion recipes. He has travelled extensively in Tunisia, the Far East, Europe, Turkey and the Greek Islands in the Aegean and Iona sea. All his travels are off the tourist beats to savour different cultures and foods. He's even crossed the desert with a Bedouin caravan a few years ago living on a rustic diet of Harrissa (ground red chillies with garlic), tomatoes and flat breads.

Resurrection of Food Disasters…

We all have days when nothing seems to go right in the kitchen. Call it silly, but there was a month when I couldn’t something as simple as a Bechamel right, even once. Karam shares his experience. What’s your kitchen diasaster story?

Chachi’s Pulao

Another one of Karam’s vivid and delicious memories wrapped in fond recollections of his favorite aunt. This time he talks about some very delicious Fish Pulao.