Ammiji’s at CAL

This contest has ended.
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In the times of processed and packaged food, Ammiji’s is an attempt to bring age-old kitchen wisdom and herbal remedies and recipes under the spotlight. It is an attempt to offer products that are chemical-free and pure. It is an endeavor of the heart. While the rest of the world sprints off in the direction of quick and convenient, we go back to rediscover our roots and history.

Each of our products is made at home, with a recipe developed or approved by Ammiji. We use only pure, premium ingredients – no fillers, no substitutes and no chemical preservatives. We take the wisdom of Ayurveda, combine it with plain old kitchen common sense and use practices that have been followed for centuries. Whether it is an old traditional recipe or a new gourmet one, each one is backed by wisdom and the belief that health comes first. Because Ammiji demands the same out of everything that comes out of her kitchen. (Yes, she’s 90 but she still cooks.)

Our ethos is one of consciousness. We are extremely choosy about our ingredients and even more so about our packaging. Wherever possible, we use eco-friendly elements unless they compromise the health of our product.

Contest Rules

  1. One entry per person. One dish per entry. One picture per dish.
  2. Winners will be chosen on the  following basis:
    1. Originality/Innovation in recipe
    2. Clear and precise recipe
    3. Clear picture
  3. Two Chef at Large Moderators and Ammiji’s to decide the winners based on the above criteria.
  4. Participants will incorporate any 3 of these ingredients in their recipe:
    1. Kaddu (pumpkin)
    2. Dalchini (Cinnamon)
    3. Lobia (black eyed peas)
    4. Palak (spinach)
    5. Singhara (water chestnut)
  5. They can add 3 other ingredients of their own choice, not counting seasonings and fat/oil.
  6. Contest starts on the 15th of Oct and ends on the 22nd. Winners to be announced on the 25th. Hampers will be sent out within a week of the announcement.
  7. Three winners:
    1. First place wins a hamper worth 2000.
    2. Second place, a hamper worth 1500.
    3. Third place, a hamper worth 1000.
  8. If the winner is not in India, we can send the prize to a relative or friend of their choosing. Or we can ship internationally, provided they bear the cost of shipping. The details of the hamper will be provided by the 17th-18th, since we’re coming up with a few new products next week and can include those.
  9. Include a hashtag with your post: #AmmijisAtCAL

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