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Chef at Large, founded in 2007 by Sid Khullar, is India’s largest online food network, reaching out to over 15,000,000 foodies annually. The network comprises website, social media communities and a blog banner network. Our team includes the following.

Sid Khullar has 24 years experience, which he has spent working with technology, food, healthcare research & development, and media among others. Reach him at +91.98186-28940 / for help with your food / media / technology projects.

Pankaj Bhola has 18 years experience with hospitality, brand strategy, digital, product and marketing communications. He can be reached at +91.98118-60490 / for help with brand and hospitality marketing projects.

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Hi Siddharth,
I just got to see your family picture and it was a joy to see you with Indu and Cherie. Lovely family – tho’ i don’t get to see ALL of you in the picture!
This is a great site and fabulous recipes. Appreciate the good collection of recipes you have shared online.
Would love to hear from you when u get time and to see you sometime.
Love from Georgie too.
Regards and love,

Nice to see the photo of you and your family.  Why do you not allow comments on other pages, please?

Hello Toni,

The number of visitors on my blog, is quite low – about 3000 every month. Due to this and because most people do not leave comments, my posts look quite lonely with a ‘0 comments’ mentioned below.

I’ve temporarily disabled comments due to this.




But I should comment every time I visit!  Anyway, if you answer every comment, as some do, you’d have no time to cook or review restaurants…

hey.. how are you doin?? thats a lovely family pic!!! & was nice tomeet u wid prashant!! but trust me for this.. the egg thing .. you make it sound easy!!! im sure in gng to try it & change the way i wud be pchng it!  gud!

hello vandana,

was good to meet you too. do let me know how it turns out – if possible – take a picture please! :-)


I find your recipes fantastic – I love the way you keep it simple without lengthy instructions – add x, pour y, fry z. Definitely my way of cooking and I still be returning!

Hello Sarah – Thank you for your kind words. I look forward to your next visit and comment/critique.


Hi Sid,
That’s a cute photograph of your family. Wishing you all the best in all your endeavours. May God bless you all. Keep up the good work.
Warm regards

Hi Sid,
It was lovely having you, Indu and cherie over for dinner.  After reading about all the gourmet dishes you cook up, I am quite embarrassed at the mediocre fare turned up by my cook!  But maybe, the caramel custard was the saving grace!!
Best wishes to you all
Indi Gill 

Hello Mrs Gill – Thank you for having us over and the food was wonderful with the caramel custard, the icing on top of it all.

I’m looking forward to your first contribution!

Hi Sid, Indu and Cherie, this may come as a surprise to you, if your mother didn’t mention it. I am  her cousin living in Venezuela since 69 and recently I got by your mum´s email ID and at the end of her mails there was a phrase allusive of Sidkhullar foods….And out of curiosity got into the page and I really was gratefully surprised at the sophisticated web site and the recipes. That´s a beautiful photograph of your family. The next time I go over to Bangalore, I´ll do my best to get in touch personally with all of you and try to make up on lost time. Premnath Bhaskaran

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Andrew DiPalma

hi vinny,
i’m a chef specialized in european food. but have travelled all over india wid my dad, who was in d army. so know a lot about indian cuisine. n moreover have 9 yrs experience in d industry. i stay in dwarka.

What a great blog. There’s so much to read.

Thanks, Toni Anne, for telling us about it – nice to see a photo of you at last, too!

Hello Jo: We’re delighted you like the blog. Do let us know of anything specific you’re looking for. We’re sure we’ll all have quite a lot of fun making sure it gets published here.