Shutki Machh

Spicy Dry fish or commonly called ‘Shutki Mach’ is a very popular dish from the times of undivided Bengal. It has a very strong flavour that comes from the different spices . The authentic preparation of the dish arouses your taste buds and takes you on a trip down memory lane.

Get Coastal In Bangalore City!

One of Natasha’s favourite places to visit in Bangalore for Coastal cuisine, Anupam’s Coast II Coast is an old standard on MG Road, tucked away in a little shopping mall. It’s got that old school vibe and wait staff, affordable and delicious food, and a decent bar menu to keep you going.

Chocolate Takes the Stage

I was wondering if this would be a case of chocolate, chocolate everywhere, with garnishes and sauces in the mains, apart from the dessert spread. To my surprise Chef had chosen to keep the focus on desserts, and added just a couple touches of chocolate to other dishes.

The Insatiable Quench

Quench All Day Bar and Café has pimped up bar food with lots of cheese thrown in. After a point, almost all the food tastes the same. We suggest you visit the place for the music and the vibe it exudes, and you will enjoy it just fine.

Grilled Fish With Sauce Vierge

Fish is healthy, we all know it. And grilling it helps lock in its nutrition and increase its health quotient further. Surely, you do not need any other incentive to make this dish a regular on your weekly meal menu?