BigBasket: Is it worth your time?

Have you heard of the online grocery shop, BigBasket? Have you ordered from it? I have, consistently, for almost 2 years now.

Most of us work, or support those who do and as such have busy lives that we try to cram full of experiences. This leaves us little time for mundane routine chores like grocery shopping, which is where folks like BigBasket have their work cut out for them. On the face of it, a service such as this provided by BigBasket can be quite a welcome convenience. Are they able to deliver consistently though? Here’s what a few consumers from different parts of the country say.

Akum Raj Jamir from Chennai: “I order almost all my groceries and vegetables and other stuff from big basket since they cater to all the things that I usually require. My experience is quite good, though not 100% since they do goof up at times, especially with vegetables. I do however let them know through emails, where they take care of my grievances by crediting the amount in my wallet.”

Meeta Verma from Greater NOIDA: “I Love the discounts and the reasonable prices and finding stuff like cream cheese, mascarpone and whipping cream, which are otherwise difficult to find in Greater NOIDA. Plus delivery is on-time and the productions in good condition, i.e. fresh vegetables and fruits. I also like the courteous deliverymen and the easy to use app. Having said that I do wish product availability was more consistent and that more popular brands of foodstuff be stocked like Nanaji Papad, Moong badis etc.”

Sandhya Chebiyyam from Hyderabad: “I find BigBasket’s services good only for local produce like potatoes, onions and okra among others. If we order exotic or imported items like avocados or basil, they are usually not in a good state. Breads and diary like cheese is good too. I only order items when I don’t have time to go out for grocery or vegetable shopping. One big positive for me is that they always deliver in the time frame as promised.”

Sid Khullar from Greater NOIDA: “Going by the usual standards we see most businesses applying to their quality aspirations, service roll-out is usually inconsistent at best and product selection is quite location based due to the hyper-local nature of the service. Additionally, given it is local partners who fulfil BigBasket orders, there are numerous occasions when the quality of delivered produce is significantly inferior to what one might have expected.”

BigBasket - A Welcome Phone Conversation
BigBasket - An Unwelcome Phone Conversation

The Pros of Ordering from BigBasket

BigBasket stocks all sorts of fruits,veggies and other perishable items, and they are generally delivered fresh, at your doorstep, without having to step a foot outside. There are exotic items listed  (not usually easily available) and in case you’re really in a hurry, they have an express delivery option as well. And, if you cannot leave the house and urgently need some items that are not readily available, this is the perfect solution.

The Cons of  Ordering from BigBasket

The delivery system is flawed/overburdened, and many-a-time, my order has been delivered even a couple of days later, with no prior information whatsoever. The fruits, especially, may not be as ripe/unripe, as you want them to be, and can even be unusable immediately, in some cases. The prices are generally slightly higher than the market rates, and of course, you cannot bargain here.

BigBasket – The Verdict

I would order from BigBasket in two situations. First, only if there is no vegetable/fruit market near my house, or if they do not stock items that I require regularly. Second, if I am in a fix, and cannot step out to shop, but want to get items delivered at my doorstep.

What has been your experience with BigBasket? The best comment (on this page) will win an Amazon voucher.

  • Avnika Mathur

    I actually enjoyed buying groceries and vegetables/fruits from the market/grocery shop. I felt like, I am hosting a show on fox life while going through the local market…
    But soon after the birth of my daughter, i started getting lesser time for all this and then bigbasket came to rescue. I am ordering groceries from bigbasket from last 3years and am satisfied (its a big term :))
    however, we still buy vegetables and fruits from the local market preferably as its a good time pass for parents and they help with it .Most of the items are available on BB ,quality is good and have not faced any “unwelcome phone conversation till date” “touch wood”

  • Uttara Kaushik

    Well on the bigbasket…. its a matter of convenience… of instead 6 to 7 bags of groceries to carry i order and get it home deliver at the click of a button… but i wouldnt say the same for fruits and veg… first of all doubtful of quality… and price is always up… as u order in one price and end billing is always high…always a difference of min 15 to 50 rs

    So yes for groceries but uncertain for fruits and veg

  • Mridula Shukla Varghese

    I am someone who enjoys my weekly grocery shopping.. But there used to be times when something would get missed out or we would run out mid week and my work schedule made it hard to fit in missed purchases… Enter big basket.. So highly recommended by all and sundry, only to be regretted as it landed up being a waste of time not once but twice. 1. I tried placing an order to my Hyderabad address a few times last year, but kept getting different responses.. That my area was not serviced (not true- because I see their van in my aprtmt block very often): order accepted, delivery scheduled the next day, then cancelled an hour before delivery. No real reasons given, and the call center not really able to help. All super annoying and unpredictable, creating inconvenience amidst an already packed schedule. 2. When my mother recently ordered arugula while she was at Hyderabad. They kept delivering kale. Again what follows is a series of conversations on the phone with their call center, time spent talking to their delivery folks, time spent waiting for delivery, all wasted because you have to go find what you are looking for elsewhere after all. Its a joke that their inventory is not tagged accurately.. I mean if kale is called arugula by a fresh vegetable supplier, there is something wrong isn’t it?. I have downloaded the amazon now app just recently and am yet to make my first purchase. But if all my previous amazon experiences are to go by, am sure this will be nothing short of a stellar experience.

    • Sujata Shukla

      Absolutely ! Recently I have had terrible experiences with them and have decided to stop buying from Big Basket

  • Khyati Mitra Yadav

    My experience so far has been very very good with big basket and I have never experienced delays in delivery. The staff delivering is always very courteous. The discounts offered are also great. All in all big basket is a package for me and I order all my groceries from there. Plus I dnt spend extra which I would have been spending if I go go hyper city and shop. For me big basket is go to one stop shop!!!!

  • Kavita

    #Bigbasketdoesbigblunders.. After giving uncountable chances. They didn’t improve their services..

  • Kavita Sengupta

    #Bigbasketdoesbigblunders.. After giving uncountable chances. They didn’t improve their services..

  • Ayushi Khandelwal Choudhary

    The cons of the article is quite close to the fact. Their prices are higher than market price. For instance- recently the prices of pulses got decreased in the market but BB still selling pulses on almost 70% higher price than market rates. So in that case I gradually started doubting the credibility of prices of their products. Although they deliver on time, well mannered staff, offers good discount, fresh veggies. Bt at the end money matters.

  • Sujata Shukla

    I have been a regular customer of Big Basket at Bangalore over the last 2 years, and except for a few glitches, it was a comfortable shopping experience and gave me access to a wide range of products and brands. Recently however there are too many delays and delivery failures. Delivery is delayed without prior information and rescheduled without verifying whether I will be available to accept delivery. When I had scheduled a delivery before 7.30 pm, they rescheduled it to 10 pm, and then did not deliver. They rescheduled this 3 times! Finally only part of the delivery was made, on the 3rd day. In one instance, an item was not delivered and the credit for the amount I had already paid, was not given. In another, one item was not delivered and as I did not verify it immediately, I could not intimate BB. It is very irritating that deliveries are incomplete and even if the money is refunded, one has to make other arrangements to procure that item. After my recent experiences I have decided never to order from Big Basket again.

  • Sujatha

    My experience with Big Basket has been terrible. The first time I ordered my delivery time slot passed without receiving my order. No calls, no info either. I tweeted them and they told me I had received my order. My app showed that I had received my order too. Strange, isn’t it? Then I spent an entire Sunday at home because they tweeted that they’d follow up. I received it Sunday evening. I was to have a 9 am delivery.

    My second experience was the day before TN CM passed away. There were a number of rumors, I was worried about an old aunt who lives alone in Chennai. I thought “Hey! Big Basket!”. So I ordered milk and some staples. JJ didn’t die that day, Chennai functioned normally. Big Basket cancelled my order (why accept it and the payment, at all?).

    My third experience. I had two orders for same delivery slot. Worth about 3k of groceries and fruits. Again, no delivery, no info. I waited the entire day. I pinged their Twitter. I got 13 calls promising delivery. Nothing moved. I was asked to wait for the delivery the following day which happened to be my birthday. I refused, asked them to cancel and refund.

    Not likely to use Big Basket anytime soon.

  • Avin S Kohli

    I opted for big basket service when my baby was very small and I couldn’t go shopping. This was about 3 year back. I have ordered back to back many times from them. Overall I will rate them a 7. They have an amazing collection of some gourmet stuff which is difficult to get otherwise. But they don’t really bother what they are putting in the pack for you. The brinjal can be too big or rotten, the banana’s could be still days away from fully ripe, apples could be rotten, herbs can be blacked or dry(not fresh) etc, etc. But they do refunds when we call back and say the product is damaged. And some products are way over priced even when they are easily available in store near you. As for other packaged stuff from soaps to creams even the baniya home delivers.
    Havent ordered in a year as I can just go and pick my own stuff.

  • Narayanan Subramaniam

    Dear All,

    My order : EBRO-26300154-010517 dated 31.4.17

    Promised to deliver on 1.5.17 but not delivered and asking for couple of more days to deliver, after 3.5.17!!. Items were urgently required.

    I cancelled the order 2.5.17 and bought those things off the self.

    After cancellation, frustration started since they have processed the refund but Bigbasket “smartly” transferred to Wallet account!!. I called on 6.5.17, for an enquiry of refund they said “it will be processed and after 7 to 10 days, don’t worry, you will get it!”

    Time lap between my payment till 9.5.17 is 10 days over till date i have not my money back

    Will they accept the payment after 10 days?
    Will the given interest for the same?

    They said it is bank process, 7 days, we are in online era!. For our payment they required immediately, but for refund takes 20 days?!

    This is very bad experience, couple of times happen to me. Based on my experience, I advise not to deal with Bigbasket.

    Narayanan S

  • keshav modugu


    Dont believe bigbasket products blindly, they are selling very poor quality products