Paarth Ashok Narang

NamePaarth Ashok Narang
City Chandigarh
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AboutPaarth comes across as a kind and genuine soul, who appears to have found his calling in motivating and inspiring others to reach great heights. To put it simply, he finds positive solutions even in adversities.
Link 1Paneer in Tomato gravy
Link 2Chawla Style Chicken
Link 3Aata Halwa
Link 4Chinese Vegetables
Link 5Sindhi Paratha
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Paarth is a mild mannered, fun loving person who enjoys cooking and creating stories around his food. In person, he is warm and engaging. His cooking style undergoes constant evolution and he likes learning new things.- Sid Khullar

Sid Khullar

Sid is the primary contributor to and editor of Chef at Large. A self confessed food addict who likes cooking, writing and photography… and travel, if it gets him closer to a good book and interesting food. He’s spent 21 years in varying functions of technology, leaving the field after a stint heading software research & development for electrophysiological medical diagnostics. He now applies himself to learning more about food and building food and beverage brands online for Brands at Large clients.

Sid covers Delhi/NCR for Chef at Large and can be reached at [email protected]

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