Good things sometimes come in strange packages. Our rating system was ripped off by an ex-writer for this site and we decided to re-invent. The new system isn’t about points and numbers out of five or ten.

All we have now is a set of very specific questions that are core to the dining out experience, with each question weighted differently. All combined result in three possible outputs:

  • Thumbs Up: Recommended.
  • Average: Neither here nor there. Walk in if you’re walking past or have a quick working lunch. No more.
  • Thumbs Down: Not recommended

Please note, your food experience may differ from ours and so could your taste. Please note the date of the review. Two months old or less may be taken as a fairly fresh review. Any older, and please add a progressively larger pinch of salt for anything written, good or bad. Management changes happen, Chefs come and go and attitudes do swing up and down the spectrum all the time. If possible, please take the time to email us at [email protected] or ask a question about the establishment on our Facebook Page.

The price for a meal for two is calculated on average, added prices for a soup/starter or salad, a main course and a dessert. For example, a restaurant where the average price of a soup/starter or salad is INR 200, main course at INR 500 and a dessert at INR 200 will wind up with a meal for two pricing of INR 900 x 2 = INR 1800.

Finally, a restaurants rating may differ from the review, as the review remains largely unchanged and the rating changes constantly based on incoming feedback. The ratings consist of multiple factors and are at our discretion.


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