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Hindustan Times: Chef Sid Khullar says, “In the west, eating out is culture, unlike India where tiffin is the culture. We may be getting there but the bistros may not become mainstream.”Read more

Hindustan Times: Delhi-based food blogger Sid Khullar believes that the reason for this change is that expectations have also changed. “People from several different strata’s are accessing the Internet, that means it take more effort to lure them to our blogs now,” says this 32-year software professional whose blog Chef at Large draws over 14,000 visitors a month. “Which is why I strongly believe that the visual appeal has to be met to draw traffic to your blog.”Read more

Hindustan Times: Recipe published. – Read more

Hindustan Times: Food blogger Sid Khullar certainly is. What he’d have preferred, though, is a bigger choice of restaurants to head out to. “Perhaps if there was a voting system where we could choose our venues it would really make a lot of difference.”Read more

Live Mint: Sid Khullar, CEO at Brands at Large in Noida, and a food blogger, suggests these options for those who like some meat in the morning.Read more

Live Mint: Recipe published.Read more

Live Mint: Foodie and blogger Siddhartha Khullar, a former techie-turned-editor of food blog Chef at Large, who buys his octopus when it makes an appearance at Delhi’s INA Market, thinks Indians are among the most delicate people around the world, easily put off by tentacles, a bulbous head and suction pads. – Read more

Live Mint: I like to mix peanut butter with some jaggery when making Indian sweets like gajak…Read more

Times of India: Food critic Sid Khullar, who runs the blog ‘Chef-at-large’ , says Michelin-starred chefs will be here eventually, although they may be successful only in the fine-dining scene in India. “Since they are culi nary artists, whose food presentation requires plating, they will be more visible in cuisines other than Indian. But they will need to make a few changes to the usual plating system due to our ‘value for money requirement’ .”Read more

Times of India: At blogger Sid Khullar’s culinary walk to the buzzing CR Park market, enthusiastic middle-aged and young men had braved Gurgaon traffic to reach on time and experience everything from scratch. They’ve already been through the itinerary on Facebook, so they know what’s going to go into their mouths. At the market, one attendee, Rajeev Sood, took the lead by showing us to a stall serving a chickpea-seviyanonion concoction called gugni. We were surprised when Sood, a Punjabi, instructed the seller to make a spicy mix in fluent Bengali. Where did he learn to speak like that? “I was born in Jalandhar but have lived a lot in Kolkata, so I know this food really well,” said Sood, who loves a food walk because of the “thrill of sharing food with unknown people”.  When Khullar started thinking of blending binge and banter in a walk, he didn’t know he would receive such a good response. “I had never heard of the term ‘food walk’ and wasn’t aware of others doing it,” he said. “Only after I decided to start it on my own, I realised it was a concept a few people were doing. And the response has been overwhelming.” Khullar has done a dozen food walks in the city, from Tibetan food at Majnu Ka Tila to paranthas at Murthal. “I like the idea of eating new things with people because there’s a lot of opinion, culinary analysis and little bias. Also, the food may turn out to be a disaster, but the opportunity to meet food connoisseurs compensates for it,” he said as we wolfed down puchkas stuffed with a boiled potato mixture.Read more

Times of India: People are spending more time online as commuting is getting tougher and friend time is considerably reduced to a once-aweek session, says Sid Khullar,editor and owner of food networking site What started as a blog by Khullar and his own experimentations for food is a full-fledged online community with 2,441 members on its Facebook page. As a blog,Khullar felt he had enough visitors but not enough interactions with them. Hence the community was born.Read more

Times of India: Foreign festivals are attractive to those looking for any excuse for a party,those who have overseas exposure and those who aspire to be part of an in crowd, says food blogger Sid Khullar,whose blog chefatlarge is a foodies paradise,They,therefore,work quite well as marketing tools for food service and hospitality establishments.Read more

The Hindu: Then there’s Sid Khullar of Chef at Large, the person responsible for persuading Rekha to start teaching food photography classes.Read more
BlogAdda: Presenting to you an interview with the man who dons multiple moustaches, Sid Khullar known for his blog Chef at Large and his company Brands at Large.Read more

FnB World: We puffed away over our pre-lunch chat as I learnt that Sid, apart from being a compulsive food blogger and editor at was not only imbrued into cooking with an insight about Delhi’s myriad eateries but he also had great concepts for online brand building in the F&B arena.Read more
PRI’s The World: In Old Delhi, the promise and the problems of the street food tradition are on full display. “Old Delhi could be called, in terms of food, the wild wild west on steroids,” says Sid Khullar, a food commentator and founder of the blog ChefAtLarge. “I don’t think there’s any kind of checking happening there and it’s possibly one of the filthiest places to eat at. But it’s also one of the places where you get the tastiest food in town.”Read more

Mercury, Tasmania: DILLON Kesur feels “a bit of a hermit” living in Margate looking after family, house and garden, but several times a day he logs into Facebook and takes up the opportunity “to get to know all sorts of weird and good and people”. … At the moment he is educating himself on food from the different regions of India. (See – Read more

Midday: … on cooking with alcohol. Read more here and here.

Complete Wellbeing:To sum up the lure of epicureanism succinctly, Sid Khullar from Chef-at-Large says “Would I analyse the effects of a few spoonfuls of Iranian Beluga caviar on my health before eating it? Read more.

Man’s World: This American style restaurant has the best steaks in town, from tenderloin steak to an Angus T-Bone steak, says Sid Khullar. (On Roadhous Bar & Grill, Doubletree by Hilton, New Delhi/Mayur Vihar/NOIDA) Read more.

Cars n Style: Sid, apart from being a compulsive food blogger and editor at, was not only imbrued into cooking with an insight about Delhi’s myriad eateries but he also had great concepts for online brand building in the F&B arena. (Excerpt from ‘The Foodie who Crafts Food Brands’). Read more.

The Pioneer: Sid Khullar of Chef at Large said, “Establishments always try to play down the issue to save their credibility while consumers always scale it up to enhance their claims.”, on the Lemb Brewpub, Gurgaon incident of June 2013. Read more

Business Standard: “Ultimately, it is up to the consumer, who takes every opinion with a pinch of salt,” says Delhi-based Sid Khullar, author of the blog Chef at Large. “We just air our opinions.” Read More