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  • leonard_CT

    Dear Sid,

    thanks for wonderful site! always read it but just became a member.
    Can I ask for some advice? Am a big foodie.. from Cape Town South Africa. looking for a culinary school in both north / south India to do a culinary course? 6-9 months maybe? value your advice.

    • Thank you Leonard; both for your kind words and for being with us. :)
      There are schools in both areas, but what are you looking to learn? Most schools are for students of hotel management; is that what you’re looking for?

      • leonard_CT

        Hi Sid,
        thanks so much for quick response. I dont think I am wanting to join a big hotel management / culinary school degree / diploma programme etc. I am looking to do some short courses – traditional cuisine e.g. Rajasthani, other North indian, Goan, and even contemporary Indian fusion type food. I know ehter are lots of home cooking type classes that are available but I am not sure of the standard of those (they seem geared for tourists) .
        I am of Indian origin (born in S A – part of our wonderfully large diaspora!!) so I have quite a good knowledge of spices / techniques etc . (although there is much variation in the diaspora I am aware- and I have LOTS to learn still). Looking for a few reputable schools – big or small – where i could learn enough to give me “small / exclusive style restaurant standard” training.
        I appreciate your advice… as I am sure you get tons of queries on this site too!
        many thanks.. .leonard

        • Got it. Yes, I do receive similar queries; unfortunately, there aren’t many answers doing the rounds. There are plenty of courses, largely run by individuals… for housewives or new brides; you get the idea. Restaurant standard training as you’ve rightly put it are far and few in between. Let me ask around and also post this to the Chef at Large page on Facebook (do join us there BTW) and see what the collective intelligence comes up with. :)

  • Misha Bhatnagar

    Hi want to advertise on your site.
    Plz contact me.
    Misha Bhatnagar

  • Geeta Gudavarthi


    i want to place a free adv for a friend, how? i cannot change the contact persons name.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Sanya Kundra


    Need to know if you review kitchen appliances as well?

  • Meena Parajuli

    Hiii admin
    Main aapke group me block ho gai hu shayad
    Mujhe aapka group show nai ho raha
    Main apni recipe post nai kar paa rahi hu